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Hey guys…

I am back from my vacation in Oklahoma. I had a wonderful time… I saw many family and friends I have not seen for years. We had a family reunion. My parents, plus all my siblings (3 besides me) were all there. We haven’t all been together…well, in a long time. At least 10 years. Maybe more. I honestly can’t remember how long it’s been since we’ve had a proper family reunion, but it’s been a damned long time. You’d better believe I was taking pictures! Our lapse in reunion is kind of sad, really. We need to work on our family-getting-together skills! And during the whole three days,nobody fought! Which is unlikely in my family anyway: we don’t see each other enough to fight, we have enough trouble just remembering everyone’s name (just kidding!). I love my family!

While I was gone, my boyfriend called me up and broke up with me over the phone, for reasons that are vague at best. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that we live together. But, he fixed that, too: by deciding to move out while I was away.* I went into a little bit of shock, followed by some anger and sadness. But then, the next day, I was mulling it out over a cigarette, and decided that it didn’t really matter because I don’t love him. We were planning on splitting up in a couple of months anyway.(Don’t ask about the “planned break-up,” it’s too bizarre to explain.)

Anyway, When I returned tonight, he was gone. But, then he came by when I was watching Shanghai Noon (pretty bad, but it was the only thing on TV, plus the last night I was going to have a TV, since it’s his). He came by to pick up some toothpaste and a fan and some other shit, God-knows-what. I honestly think it was more that he wanted to see me for a second. I wanted to see him too. But he didn’t look me in the eye and his voice was different, cold. It was pretty clear really didn’t want to talk to me about the break up. Whatever.

I realize now that it’s good we’re not in love, because otherwise this whole thing would have been infintely painful. Instead, I said goodbye as he left, and then I just contentedly busied myself with the new iTunes 4.9’s PodCast feature, which is really very cool. I’ve been subscribing to the world’s first podcast novel EarthCore, by Scott Sigler, which is a FANTASTIC-ly riveting story.

You must listen to it. If you have the new iTunes(if you don’t- it’s free), you can just put “EarthCore” into the podcast directory search engine, and subscribe to it for free. Or, go to

Well, tomorrow is the fourth of July. I’m getting out of the house tomorrow instead of watching boyfriend move out, while wishing I was still in Oklahoma with family. Plus, if I stayed here, I’d have to rummage through our messy apartment, which looks like one of those houses where the people are shut-ins and have so much shit they have to create tunnels through the debris to reach the bathrooms. It’s this way right now because of boyfriend’s move-out. So, I’m heading out to Cape Anne to spend time with friend Maggs, whose been supportive through this weird period. Thanks to imagynne as well, who has listened to me bitch, and has been sympathetic.

I’m staying Monday night in Cape Anne to celebrate Independence Day, and then will be returning to Boston with Maggs on Tuesday morning, and going straight to work from there. Boyfriend (I guess I should be calling him X-boyfriend now) is moving out Tuesday day starting early in the morning. Since I won’t be home til seven on Tues evening, hopefully I will be able to avoid the whole mess altogether, and my little apartment will be cleared out by then.

After that, this place will be mine–ALL mine. I will be able to geek out a bit more. I’ve been wanting to spend more time on the puter, plus do some art, so I’ll have time to do that. So, perhaps more frequent postings. But no promises…

X-boyf and I have talked about remaining friends, but we’ll see. At this point, I feel free and good, so I don’t know if it would be worth it. But, everyone knows that sometimes, at midnight, people get weak. And lonely. Especially when they listen to Grandaddy. Here’s to hoping I can stay strong and not let my half-empty apartment get the better of me.

Well, it’s after midnight, I should hit the hay…gotta catch the train to Cape Anne tomorrow.

PS: Thanks to Jason for hanging out…it was very good to see you and Jennifer!

*He did however, pay for rent. And offer to leave his TV and a buncha other stuff. So, he’s not a _total_ prick.


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July 3, 2005 at 7:15 am

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