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twin donuts, allston

so this thing happened to me today:

i woke up this morning at 7:30. i decided that sleeping in was for former-me, and, since i’m uncontrollably mutating into future-me, i got up.

went for a walk. took a right off of harvard avenue (near comm ave), walked into a neighborhood, and noticed something, a little smaller than a bread box, sitting on the nearby public mailbox.

it was a little clutch bag covered in beads. i walked up to it, looked around for a possible owner. no one was out, which makes sense, seeing as it wasn’t yet 8am on a sunday morning. i carefully popped the little latch, to examine its contents. a credit card, a license, a debit card. the picture on the license was a girl, and a few years younger than me. i wondered if this particular someone was really freaking out, somewhere.

i walked home and tried looking the chick up through the license number. no dice. so i called the credit card company, reported that i had found a card, gave them the number. then, they were cool enough to call her on my behalf and leave a message for her with my phone number on it so that she could get in touch with me.

she called about an hour and a half later. apparently, she had gotten robbed by a cabbie the night before….wha? she said he had started freaking out and then basically kicked her out of the car, while taking her money and stuff. wow. what an asshole. i wonder what caused the cabbie to “freak out” as she put it. that’s all the details i have on that event, but i guess he just decided to keep her phone and cash and dump the purse out on the mailbox. which, unbelieveably, is where it sat, untouched, over night.

she and her dad met up with me on the corner of harvard ave and comm ave, by marty’s liquor. i gave her back her little clutch. they were both very nice and very appreciative, and offered to buy me a bagel from bagel rising. i thanked them, but said no: i had already had donuts and coffee from twin donuts.


Written by pocheco

July 31, 2005 at 7:14 am

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