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Trauma on the T

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so, on my subway ride to work this morning, inbound on the B line, i am looking at all the people on the train, as usual. mostly familiar faces, as i ride to work with these people every day. then, allofasudden, i look over to see this girl collapse and then stop moving. she is now sitting on the steps, with this glassy, thousand mile stare. at this point, someone runs to alert the train conductor. we were at the last stop before the b line goes underground, at blandford street. it was good that we were still above groud…getting her up and out of a t station would have been hard.

now everyone on the train is staring at this girl, and some guy gets out of his seat and helps her into it. and then, she starts to shake. i realize that she is not really conscious, but having some sort of seizure.i thought she might die. it was terrifying. after a few minutes, she had stopped shaking, seemed to be conscious again, and i heard her say “ok, i can see again.” i shuddered.

we were stopped for about ten minutes as everyone began to attend to her, and a MBTA suv was summoned to take her to the hospital. the whole event happened pretty fast, as these things often do.

when they helped her out of the T, she looked like she was going to be ok. her reason for collapsing? unknown. she was in shock and didn’t really say.

anyway, here’s hoping that she is alright.

Written by pocheco

August 3, 2005 at 7:14 am

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