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A Little Tribute to Edward Gorey

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i was walking through my new neighborhood the other night with my roomie christine. i absolutely love the area; it’s populated by curvy, hidden streets and weird old brownstone houses, no two alike. i wanted to show christine this one house where there was a plot of grassy land on a street called kilsyth that was otherwise crowded with houses. the lot was empty, except for a large dog run, or cage, or what have you, where two beautiful boxers live. the land is a bit hilly, which lends it a sort of neat old quality. we decided that the plot of land must belong to the people in the house next to it, who could have easily sold the land for .5 million , but instead they keep it for their dogs. we thought this was funny. i was musing about this to myself, then i said, “yes, they’re the Hounds of Kilsyth Road”. she laughed and said that it sounded so “edward-goreyish.” i agreed, and realized that it’s fun to come up with little titles for places that sound like edward gorey stories. and especially easy when you live in the nooks and crannies of new england. so, here are three that i’ve come up with for my little neighbhorhood:

The Hounds of Kilsyth Road
The Pink Door atop of Ayr
The Quivering Lambsear Thicket at Strathmore Inn

whee! i can find hours upon hours of nerdy fun writing these!

now, it’s your turn!

what’ve you got?
don’t be shy, i know you love edward gorey!


Written by pocheco

September 16, 2005 at 7:11 am

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