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I have been having fun fiddling with the HTML coding on my blog template; I’ve adjusted the colors a bit and thrown in a couple of images to brighten up the place. It’s like interior decorating, but with 1’s and 0’s.

My favorite element about the blog, tho, is the picture at the top. I got this picture from Stock Exchange, which is a great website that allows you to download free stock photography. The photos are free because people choose to share their personal work free gratis, and anyone can upload images from around the world for other people to use. I have a profile on there, myself, with about 30 pictures (look me up under “pocheco”). I’m always cruising around on there looking for interesting and useful images. When I went there today, I found this one, which I thought was spectacular.

Looks like this was achieved with either some wicked cross-processing or super digital effects. Either way, it’s an amazing picture.


Here’s one of mine, which is an abstract of the ripple-y waterway at St. Louis Union Station.


Anyway, I was looking for a good image to use on this blog, and typed “river” into the site’s search engine to see what it would churn out. I found this one:


It was taken by someone called Dfreeman1, entitled “Snake River”. How can you not love the title? Not to mention, the dreamy and surreal mood of the photo, taken from an incredible vantage point over this amazing river. I wish I was there! In fact, I wish I could live there.

This photo is mysterious; because although the it looks like night, the reflection on the water looks too bright to be from a moon…so it must be mid-afternoon, and that reflection must be from the sun. But what is causing the dark sky? Is it a huge storm creeping in? In some ways it looks like early morning or dusk, but with the sun directly overhead, I can’t tell what time it is. Either way, it’s totally majestic.

Snake River, according to Dfreeman1, “winds it’s way through Hell’s Canyon in Idaho”.

I look at pictures like this, then consider living in cramped little Boston, and I realize just how much I yearn for mountains and desert. Living in the city, although fun and exciting, has made me miss big open spaces and skies that go on for miles and miles, rather than ones that stop at the foot of the nearest skyscraper.

I can’t wait to move out west, so I can be back in the open air and fertile land. And once I leave this city, I know I’ll never look back. But for right now, it’s not all bad! I must say that I am enjoying Boston, there’s so much to do here and I have a lot of friends so I stay active and happy. This is a great city and everything is super accessible and available. And I’ll keep myself busy with work and computers and restaurants and clubs and movies and parties and shows and many, many other activities that abound here in ‘lil Beantown…

But at night, I’ll dream of Snake River.


Currently listening to: Under the Western Freeway by Grandaddy.
It’s one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time! It gets a 10 out of 10


Written by pocheco

February 2, 2006 at 10:25 pm

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