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A bit of info about why I call this blog Nonphenomenal Lineage. It’s named for a song by a band called Grandaddy. They’re my absolute favorite favorite band in the world. Hailing from Modesto, California, these five guys have been making music since about 1992, and are calling it quits, sadly, in April, after they release their final album Just Like the Fambly Cat. Yes, the misspelling is intentional. 🙂 Although I am so sad that this wonderful band could not have continued to make more music, the music they have made, including 4 full albumbs, a couple of mini-albms/EPs and several singles has improved my life tremendously. I love you Grandaddy.

Here’s a picture of the band:

Anyway, “Nonphenomenal Lineage” is the first song off their first full-length album, Under the Western Freeway. This album was released in 1997. It’s an all around excellent album, I would recommend it to anyone. But “Nonphenomenal Lineage” is an exceptional song. Now, I loathe when people post lyrics to songs in their blogs. I always get bored reading them and they often don’t have the impact outside of the context of the music. So I’m going to spare you the boredom of posting lyrics here to a song that you may or may not have heard.

However, if you are indeed interested in reading the lyrics to this song, you can go here.

Well, so, now you know who my favorite band is, but that still doesn’t explain why I named my blog after their song. I named my blog Nonphenomenal Lineage because the song talks about what a man who is being excused from a blessed life of fortune because he is just an average man, nothing special. The song could also be referring to Heaven…I’m not quite sure, but the concept is the same: That he wasn’t special, so he was being asked to leave. Nonphenomenal Linage–you don’t come from royalty, you don’t aspire to fame. You’re just another one of the millions out there who are dismissed because they aren’t gifted.

Although the song is pretty sad in some ways, because it seems very lonely, it’s obvious the band relates to this man. The common man, the faceless man, the forgotten man. This song is sort of an homage to this person, this poor soul, the everyman relegated to live a life of obscurity and banality.

So yeah, I’m this guy.I don’t have a claim to fame or fortune, I’m just another normal, average person. I take comfort in being of nonphenomenal lineage, in an existential sort of way–that I’m just another person, one of the millions and millions out there. I don’t expectto be singled out as extraordinary. But I am serenly content being no one, nonetheless, because when you’re nobody you ca do anything you want, because nobody’s paying attention.

So, that’s what this blog is about: I don’t claim that it will be anything extraordinary; it’s just me, typing my thoughts and opinions about things that matter to me. It’s a very intimate sort of vantage point. No one will care what I write, so I can write anything at all!

Anyway, enough of that for now. I’d like to introduce to you to my version of Grandaddy, which I drew in ink and scanned into the computer and colored digitally:


I sent it to the band as shameless fan art. I did get an email back from Aaron Burtch, the drummer (raccoon) who said that he was glad he was not a bear. Ha ha.

If you’re interested in learning more about Grandaddy, please click here, here, or, you can go to the top of my blog and click the link to their website under my “Good Music” heading. 🙂


Currently listening to: “Nonphenomenal Lineage”, what else? 🙂

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February 3, 2006 at 7:29 pm

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  1. Dig the new blog. I have been messing with the HTML on mine as well. Having about 10 code guys in the room with me helps.


    February 3, 2006 at 10:15 pm

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