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Dios(Malos) a band from Hawthorne, California

Well, the work day is passing with a blinding speed, which is an unusual contrast to how my days normally are here, haha. Today I’m working on a new creative for a Harvard Business School Press ad to be placed in the New York Times Magazine. It’s very fun and one of the more rewarding and fulfilling projects I’ve had in a very long time. It’s projects like these that make me realize why I like graphic design.

Well, it’s now 3pm and I’m just now getting around to lunch! I’ll be here until six tonight, feverishly trying to finish the creative for this ad…but for now, I’m taking a little break to eat a Turkey Cobb Medallion salad with basalmic vinagrette I got downstairs at Au Bon Pain.

I wanted to write a little bit about the Dios(Malos) concert I went to on Wednesday at The Paradise. First off, here’s the art on their new album cover:


I love this album cover! It’s sort of Francis Bacon-esque, with it’s weird-blurry face and awkwardly-posed,althletic nude body. Is that Dios? And is he Malo(s)?

I got this album on a couple of recommendations from friends, who are also huge fans of Grandaddy (see Nonphenomenal Lineage post). Grandaddy and Dios have played at a couple of concerts together before, under the unofficial moniker “GranDios” (haha). But this The Dios album is good. It’s not groundbreaking or mind-bending or anthing–but it’s brash, fun, and it’s growing on me. Rock and roll, you know? Two songs on the album which really kick ass and I recommend listening to off the album are the single “I Want it All” and “Later Skater”; two rollicking anthems that should be played at high volume while driving down the road or walking down a busy street.

Anyway, I wanted to support Dios and so I decided to go to their concert. None of my friends had heard of them, so I had a difficult time convincing any of them to go with me. I ended up going alone, which was totally fine! In fact, I probably enjoyed it more, because I didn’t have to worry about my friends liking the band.

The Paradise is one of my favorite venues to see a band, because it’s small, but not too small. It’s cozy and intimate, like your living room, but darker, and with 3 full bars. The house was packed but I was standing in the front row at the foot of the stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the band; they played an excellent set, and ended with “Later Skater”, which was so awesome. They are great live, very tight, together and super energized but not flamboyant. It was a lot of fun and they played just the right amount of songs.

They ended and left most of their equipment on stage for Matt Pond PA (They had all just come from NYC, where Matt Pond PA had a goodly amount of their musical equippment ripped off earlier that day. They were able to play thanks to Dios, who lended them a drumset and a couple of guitars). During their setup, this band seemed promising; 6 musicians, one of them a girl with a cello. In the end, however, I found Matt Pond PA a bit boring, but perhaps it was because I didn’t know any of their songs. But from what I heard, they sounded like a watered-down Broken Social Scene with a penchant for the bland college dorm drone. And the sort of preppy college kid crowd did nothing to help their image. Anyway, perhaps I’ve judged too quicky; I haven’t written them off completely. I’d like to hear one of their albums.

But overall, Dios was by far the most innovative, fresh and fun of the two bands. I don’t see enough live music–I should go to more concerts alone. I had a great time.

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February 10, 2006 at 8:04 pm

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