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Reservoir Gulls

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Seagulls over the reservoir (that white line near the right bird’s beak is a plane trail…its presence in my photo was pure happenstance)

Here are some photos of Ariana and I at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir by our house, feeding the seagulls. These photos were all taken at the end of January.

seagullarianaAriana feeds the seagulls (as the poor, neglected ducks look at us with pleading ducky eyes. But still, we do not feed them)

Seagulls diving in close to snatch the bread morsels that we toss into the air

Below is an excerpt from my blog posted on Thanksgiving 2005, another day when we went to feed the gulls:

ariana and i were looking for the swans…but, instead, we saw a pack of seagulls floating on the surface of the reservoir. she opened the package of bread, pulled off a corner of the bread heel, and threw it out in to the water. the birds swam toward it and scrambled for the bread. i took a piece of bread from the loaf, tore it off, and threw it down, too. the birds, imagining they might get a proper meal from us humans, began to take flight. there was about 30 of them or so, and they hovered around us, waiting for the next bit of bread to be released. ariana started throwing little pieces of bread at them, mid-air. the gulls were such adept, agile fliers they could snatch the bread pieces out of the air! we laughed, and started tossing them to the birds, who were amazingly skilled at plucking the pieces out of the air, or diving down to retrieve the ones that others had missed.

we did this for about twenty minutes or so, it was great fun…people who were walking on the trail stopped to watch the show as the birds acrobaticly flew in ever entwining-loops around each other to catch the bread. then, after a few minutes, the gulls lost their shyness and began to fly closer and closer to us, diving and spinning with incredible dexterity and speed, until they were flying just a few feet above our heads.

lithe and incredibly steady, the birds seemed to hover, as if in slow motion, waiting for the food. it was like they were hanging, almost motionless on the air, except for their large wings beating, and their black eyes shining. the setting sun reflected off their white and gray bodies, a fantastic sight, dramatic and brillant. watching them was nothing short of spectacular.

and ariana and i, with full bellies, chilly limbs and warm hearts—laughed, fed the birds, and were happy.


Preview! In my next blog, I hope to do a step-by-step process of a freelance drawing I did for Living Sound Entertainment, from start to finish. This will highlight some of the steps I went through to accomplish my design for the cover of their promotional booklet.


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