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Spring Fever

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Wayne Coyne, from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot

Today I am suffering from the worst Spring Fever imaginable. It’s in the mid 40s and the forecast for this weekend promises temperatures in the 60s. I can feel winter ending and I am restless, nay, downright twitchy, to get out of this office and play outside.

But no, I am expected to sit here and work. The truth is, I don’t really even have all that much work to do. Just a couple of things I’d rather put off until tomorrow anyway.

I’m sitting here at my desk, but can think of nothing. My eyes are darting everywhere, my left leg is vibrating, and I can’t sit still. It feels like a ping pong ball is ricocheting off the inside of my skull at like 100 miles per hour. I can’t think of anything or concentrate on anything and the only thing I want to do is run and run and run.

Everyone else in our office suite is feeling it too: several of the people are skipping up and down the halls, laughing, playing music, joking around. All except my boss, who sits, completely silent, for eternity, without moving, at his desk. Dear God, is my boss a robot?

I just want to run out of my office into the hall and smack all these loud people up side the head with a frying pan and scream,

Now go back to being quiet so I can at least TRY to concentrate.”

And to top it off,

Its currently 12:41 pm and I have nothing to do until lunch time.

God speed 6pm.

I need some open sky and a huge field where I can chase rabbits and butterflies and roll around in the dirt.


Currently listening to: The incredibly loud whirring sound coming from my computer.


Written by pocheco

March 9, 2006 at 5:43 pm

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