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Boston in Spring

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Swan Boats in the Boston Public Gardens
photo by Keith Stanley

I am so happy that it’s now officially Spring. Boston is a wonderful, wonderful city in all seasons except winter, which unfortunatly lasts way too long. Actually, Boston is nice in winter too, for about two weeks until you realize how much the cold and sunsets at 4:30 pm are gnawing away at your soul.

I work until six o clock on week days and so it’s always dark when I get out of work (thank God for Daylight Savings time which starts in two weeks). I generally don’t see much of the sunshine during the day unless I get out and take a walk on my lunch break.

I have the good fortune of working right next to Boston’s wonderful Public Gardens. I walk through them almost every day in the summer. I found this picture online today, which is an everyday sight for me during the summer. The swan boats haul people around the little cultivated pond inside the Gardens for $2 a ride. It’s cheap and a great tourist attraction as well.

The park still looks pretty grim as of now because it’s still wintry here, but the park people have emptied the pond and are now cleaning it out to get ready to refill it before they lug out the boats, probably sometime in late April.

It’s going to be in the 50’s next week, and thank God for that. Boo to Winter, Yay to Spring.

And then all the trees will be blossoming and the flowers will be planted in the park, and warm sunshine will reign again! I can’t wait.


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March 23, 2006 at 6:08 pm

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