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wikid, or, zog is born

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Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year).
List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

2004 – Martha Stewart goes to jail.
1952 – A three-train disaster in London kills 112 people.
1967 – Guerrilla leader Che Guevara and his men are captured in Bolivia.

1895 – Zog I, King of Albania (d. 1961)
1948 – Johnny Ramone, American guitarist (The Ramones)

1793 – John Hancock, American revolutionary and businessman


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April 30, 2006 at 9:19 pm

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i heart flickr

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photo by asmunder (on flickr, of course)

flickr is awesome awesome awesome and as Time Magazine says, “completely addictive!” It’s such a great site with an awesome interface, and way too fun to play with.

For a while, I had been considering upgrading my free account to pro, (but was sitting on it for a bit) when I received an email from flickr saying that my good friend Logan had bought me a pro account. It was a gift totally out of the blue!

How nice! Thank you Logan!

So, this week, I’ve been absolutely consumed with uploading all kinds of photos to it.

I am slowly but surely building an entire arsenal of Boston images; my plan is to have a detailed photo catalog of the whole city by August.

Anyway, the amount of brilliant photographers on there is mind blowing. It’s so great to see the entire world in pictures.

I found the this one (top of this entry) and thought it was incredible, so I decided to post it here.

Sign up for a free account, NOW! here

Once you’ve done that, scan my pictures by searching for “pocheco” under the “people” search engine.

And leave me some comments, people!


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April 28, 2006 at 7:05 pm

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Lurtch, the Wonder Watusi, or Nature is Weird

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Lurch 3



Ladies and Gentelmen, presenting Lurch, the Wonder Watusi.

You can read more about this guy here.


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April 27, 2006 at 3:06 pm

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Website Update

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my website,

Last night I updated my website. It now includes:

1) My Morning Jacket Drawing*
2) 2 eBible Lesson ads**
3) Italian Cooking poster for Orleans
4) Link to this blog!!!


Click here to see it.
Or, you can always click on “Pocheco” under the Links heading in the right column of this blog, too.

*Oh, I sent the My Morning Jacket to Tom, who plays in the band, and he wrote back! He seemed to dig it, and is going to show it to the other members of the band. Yesness!!!
**Which are now officially being published in both the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel!


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April 26, 2006 at 8:14 pm

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Accordion Player

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A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, by Seurat

Yay I love Spring, I just can’t say that enough.

I was going to stay in the office during my lunch break today and read Lolita, as book club is fast approaching and I’m not very far into it. But it’s a beautiful day, and I’ve already read Lolita, so I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and take some photographs.

I decided to focus on the Theater District today, so I walked down that direction. I don’t know the TD all that well, so I ended up just walking around hoping to cross all the major theaters. I think I missed a few, but I got a couple of cool pictures of Chinatown in the process. I’ll have some of those pictures up here* later.

On my way back to work, I headed through Downtown Crossing on out by Park Street to the Boston Common. I walked through the Common all the way back to work. It was ridiculously beautiful. The trees were just beaming with rosy reds and clean whites and bright young yellowy greens. The park was filled with all kinds of people doing various things, and being there reminded me of the painting by Seurat at the top of this entry.

I passed by many redbud trees in bloom, some crepe myrtle, and rows and rows of bright tulips bigger than my fist in orange, purple, red and yellow. The colors and the sun were just gorgeous; one of those days that make me wish I could stop time and live every day in this beautiful weather.

My mother is coming to visit in three weeks, and I am very excited to have her here. My only hope is that the park will continue to stay this fantastic so that she can have an opportunity to bask in New England springtime glory.

As I crossed over the bridge through the Public Garden, there was a guy sitting on the concrete edge of the bridge playing an accordion. I always love seeing people play the accordian, it’s such a sad, wistful instrument that always sounds so achingly nostalgic to me.

Anyway, I looked at the guy’s face as I passed, and had to take a second glance. He looked like a perfect cross between an old Beatnik and a Dickens character. I loved how picaresque he looked, sitting contentedly on the bridge, smiling at passersby, wearing jeans and a black beret. He had a red velvet lined case out in front of him for tips and his feet were crossed at the ankles, swinging just above the case.

I walked a ways and thought about him, and decided to go back and offer him a tip so that I could listen to him play and maybe take a picture. When I went back, he was collecting his change and getting ready to leave. I looked out over the bridge at the Swan Boats for a moment, so as not to stare, hoping he would settle down into playing another tune. But no, he packed up his instrument and walked away.

I could have kicked myself for not taking a picture of him right when I saw him.I feel like I missed out on the perfect photographic opportunity. I’m going to go back to the park tomorrow in hopes of catching him there again.

I did, however, get an awesome shot of the Swan Boats all lined up, which look like winged sentries. They’re beautiful. I’ll have to post that shot later.

*Update: I have posted all my pictures on flickr.

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April 26, 2006 at 6:15 pm

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Caz’s Bar, Tulsa Oklahoma

I was reading this today and clicked on the link which says “the bar”, which took me to the website of Caz’s bar in Tulsa.

I was happy to see they had a better website than when last I checked, including an awesome picture (the one above.)

Caz’s holds a special little place in my heart, I think it’s the world’s best bar and I love going there whenever I visit Tulsa. I have had so many happy memories there, and the divey-but-warm atmosphere is something I haven’t found replicated in any bar anywhere else. Caz’s, I miss you!

I have a tumbler like the one above in my kitchen cabinet here in Boston, and everytime I use it, I pine for a warm summer’s evening back there…

I am looking forward to having a drink or two there when I visit Tulsa this summer.


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April 25, 2006 at 4:24 pm

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Mustache Rock

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Jesse Hughes, front man for Eagles of Death Metal

Last night I went with some friends to see Eagles of Death Metal at The Paradise Rock Club. Right as we entered the club, we strolled down the hallway that leads to the stage, and lead singer Jesse Hughes swaggered past me, with quick strides, all cock-sure and slick, wearing tight jeans and a black t-shirt. He saw me notice him and shot me a rakish smile as he passed, but his eyes were hidden behind a pair of 70’s era cop sunglasses. He was very Rock and Roll. I had to giggle.

I love seeing shows at the Paradise, because it’s a cozy little venue that is perfect for medium-popularity bands. It’s not tiny, but it’s small enough that you are really close to the stage no matter where you are standing.

Eagles of Death Metal, just from their name alone, seem like a parody of a band. Despite their goofy name, they are neither Eagles nor Death Metal, but rather a caricature of southern whiskey-soaked biker rock. Like a little inside joke to those of us who are too young to remember or weren’t alive to experience the golden age of Rock and Roll but have heard about it from our parents. They don’t seem to take themselves, or their music seriously, and I think that is what makes them so completely lovable. Their often silly, 50s Elvis-ish Voodoo sound is replete with sexed-up lyrics and goofy hooks that will have you dancing like a fool.

The band consists of front man Jesse Hughes and drummer Joshua Homme, who is front man/song writer for Queens of the Stone Age. You can really hear Homme’s scuzzy, roiling style rumbling through the music, but those devilish undertones are kept in check by the silly choruses and the flirtatious charm of Hughes. You get the feeling from the music that the band is winking at you from behind their handlebar mustaches.

Homme, ever busy and always involved in multiple projects, was not on this tour, or at least at this show, but was replaced by a cute little blonde pixie girl of a drummer, who really rocked it out, smiling and laughing throughout the whole show. In addition, there was a second guitarist and a bass player, who would punctuate some of the songs with one or two well-timed words in his ridiculously low baritone.

I heard that on the last EofDM tour, Jesse came out on stage dressed in shorts and a gold lamé cape, so I was kind of expecting goofiness all around. However, on this tour, promoting their new album, Death by Sexy, he came out dressed in the tight rocker jeans and black t-shirt I had seen him wearing earlier. He was quite muscular and covered in tattoos, and apparently proud of his physique. Instead of being goofy and sleazy, I got the impression that he was going for sexy rock star on this tour. He kind of looked like a bit of a Brad Pitt with a giant handlebar mustache (hilarious but kind of handsome).

Hughes has this funny high voice, almost falsetto, but then he’ll grind out this deep Elvis-y rumble, so you know he’s rocknroll. The band was super energetic, and the crowd was gnashing and rollicking, thanks to the warm-up of the similarly styled opening band Rye Coalition.

The whole show was totally great. The Eagle’s music was solid and very confident overall, with the band hitting all the notes steady and hard. The crowd was very appreciative, and after each song, Hughes seemed to be more and more impressed with the response of the crowd, smiling unabashedly googly-eyed at everyone with his jaw dropped open in appreciation. Between each song he swore, “from the bottom of his heart” that Boston was the most Rock-N-Roll crowd ever. The crowd seemed to feed off this praise, which caused them to cheer even harder, which in turned seemed to heighten the energy and performance of the whole band. The excitement seemed to grow with each song, the applause and cheering getting louder and louder with each turn.

Between the songs Jesse Hughes kept shouting “Let’s hear it for the ladies!” and was walking around to the edge of the stage, reaching for the women’s hands to kiss them while everyone screamed and cheered, arms raised in the air. He had a very lover-boy ladies man charm, and the audience was eating it up.

I was glad that it was one of those fun shows where people aren’t too cool to clap or sing along or spin in circles. The whole club was literally rocking under the clapping and stomping of the packed house, and everyone was having a great time. It was super fun and I was sad when it had to end, although they really kicked some ass with Speaking in Tongues, their last song of the night. They brought the house down when it ended, bowing to the fans before leaving the stage.

Thank you Eagles of Death Metal, I haven’t rocked that hard in so long.



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April 25, 2006 at 1:38 pm

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