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Caz’s Bar, Tulsa Oklahoma

I was reading this today and clicked on the link which says “the bar”, which took me to the website of Caz’s bar in Tulsa.

I was happy to see they had a better website than when last I checked, including an awesome picture (the one above.)

Caz’s holds a special little place in my heart, I think it’s the world’s best bar and I love going there whenever I visit Tulsa. I have had so many happy memories there, and the divey-but-warm atmosphere is something I haven’t found replicated in any bar anywhere else. Caz’s, I miss you!

I have a tumbler like the one above in my kitchen cabinet here in Boston, and everytime I use it, I pine for a warm summer’s evening back there…

I am looking forward to having a drink or two there when I visit Tulsa this summer.


Currently wish I was listening to, the Caz’s Juke Box.

Written by pocheco

April 25, 2006 at 4:24 pm

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