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A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, by Seurat

Yay I love Spring, I just can’t say that enough.

I was going to stay in the office during my lunch break today and read Lolita, as book club is fast approaching and I’m not very far into it. But it’s a beautiful day, and I’ve already read Lolita, so I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and take some photographs.

I decided to focus on the Theater District today, so I walked down that direction. I don’t know the TD all that well, so I ended up just walking around hoping to cross all the major theaters. I think I missed a few, but I got a couple of cool pictures of Chinatown in the process. I’ll have some of those pictures up here* later.

On my way back to work, I headed through Downtown Crossing on out by Park Street to the Boston Common. I walked through the Common all the way back to work. It was ridiculously beautiful. The trees were just beaming with rosy reds and clean whites and bright young yellowy greens. The park was filled with all kinds of people doing various things, and being there reminded me of the painting by Seurat at the top of this entry.

I passed by many redbud trees in bloom, some crepe myrtle, and rows and rows of bright tulips bigger than my fist in orange, purple, red and yellow. The colors and the sun were just gorgeous; one of those days that make me wish I could stop time and live every day in this beautiful weather.

My mother is coming to visit in three weeks, and I am very excited to have her here. My only hope is that the park will continue to stay this fantastic so that she can have an opportunity to bask in New England springtime glory.

As I crossed over the bridge through the Public Garden, there was a guy sitting on the concrete edge of the bridge playing an accordion. I always love seeing people play the accordian, it’s such a sad, wistful instrument that always sounds so achingly nostalgic to me.

Anyway, I looked at the guy’s face as I passed, and had to take a second glance. He looked like a perfect cross between an old Beatnik and a Dickens character. I loved how picaresque he looked, sitting contentedly on the bridge, smiling at passersby, wearing jeans and a black beret. He had a red velvet lined case out in front of him for tips and his feet were crossed at the ankles, swinging just above the case.

I walked a ways and thought about him, and decided to go back and offer him a tip so that I could listen to him play and maybe take a picture. When I went back, he was collecting his change and getting ready to leave. I looked out over the bridge at the Swan Boats for a moment, so as not to stare, hoping he would settle down into playing another tune. But no, he packed up his instrument and walked away.

I could have kicked myself for not taking a picture of him right when I saw him.I feel like I missed out on the perfect photographic opportunity. I’m going to go back to the park tomorrow in hopes of catching him there again.

I did, however, get an awesome shot of the Swan Boats all lined up, which look like winged sentries. They’re beautiful. I’ll have to post that shot later.

*Update: I have posted all my pictures on flickr.

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Written by pocheco

April 26, 2006 at 6:15 pm

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  1. Take the same picture everyday, what do you get?

    Jinbon H Wrong aka Sloop John B

    April 26, 2006 at 6:55 pm

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