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photo by asmunder (on flickr, of course)

flickr is awesome awesome awesome and as Time Magazine says, “completely addictive!” It’s such a great site with an awesome interface, and way too fun to play with.

For a while, I had been considering upgrading my free account to pro, (but was sitting on it for a bit) when I received an email from flickr saying that my good friend Logan had bought me a pro account. It was a gift totally out of the blue!

How nice! Thank you Logan!

So, this week, I’ve been absolutely consumed with uploading all kinds of photos to it.

I am slowly but surely building an entire arsenal of Boston images; my plan is to have a detailed photo catalog of the whole city by August.

Anyway, the amount of brilliant photographers on there is mind blowing. It’s so great to see the entire world in pictures.

I found the this one (top of this entry) and thought it was incredible, so I decided to post it here.

Sign up for a free account, NOW! here

Once you’ve done that, scan my pictures by searching for “pocheco” under the “people” search engine.

And leave me some comments, people!


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April 28, 2006 at 7:05 pm

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