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Spiritual Activism Ad, part II

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New Ad Design (from Friday’s Post)

After my huge long wordy post Friday about the Blank Page Syndrome and the ad for TMC Youth, I met with Ariana Friday night to discuss it. Apparently she was not looking forward to talking about it with me, because, although I had been talking to her via email during the day and even gone out to dinner and a bookstore with her that evening, she didn’t mention anything about the ad until 11pm, when I was getting tired.

She said her boss’ response to the ad was that it was too juvenile. She told me that she tried to explain to him that I was trying to be ironic, that it was intended to be a little bit of tongue and cheek. Anyway…we sat and talked about it for a long long while and I think we really got some good communication done. I felt better afterwards, and I think we came to a good compromise on the ad.

Saturday morning, after I return from spinning class, about an hour and a half before we are supposed to leave for a Cinco de Mayo party, Ariana tells me that we are going by her boss’ house on the way out to the party so that I can discuss the ad with him. I was like “And you’re just telling me this NOW?” She had a sheepish look on her face. I was a little pissed she had waited so long to tell me about it, but I got the distinct feeling that her procrastination was prompted by her fear of getting a negative reaction from me.

I just sighed and said I’d do it. One of those “Let’s get this over with” sighs. We stopped by Chet’s house and he was very warm and kind the whole time. Complimented me on my yellow and pink light bulb ad for the eBibleLesson and then went right into how he was envisioning the ad (with a completely different approach). He had a printout of a photo with some text written on it. He didn’t even mnention the ad I had sent to him the previous day. I had the feeling he was trying to not talk about it. Haha…it makes me laugh how people avoid me.

Anyway, I brought it up and with some coaxing got him to give me his reaction to it. He seemed to echo what I had discussed the night before with Ariana, about it being too juvenile and not being serious enough. However, he was super diplomatic and very articulate about it. We had a good chat and discussed some more ideas.

I told him flat out that I didn’t like his new idea (a photo of blueish mountains with some text floating across it) because I thought it was a bit trite, and also that I didn’t like the font “Adler” he wanted to use on it (also used in TMC Youth’s logo, which he designed, so I had to be careful how I phrased my criticism). He was responsive and respectful the whole way through.

We went to my website where he viewed some of my other work and he liked the Will Diehl poster I did with the tree and roots. We discussed some concepts and I felt motivated and clear about what he wanted by the time we left his house.

Sunday afternoon I returned to work on it, and a new idea for an ad came to me quickly. I found a good photo for it, and had the ad sketched out and in a semi-complete state by that night. Ariana seemed to like it much better, and I have to admit, I guess I did too. It’s very much more my style than the previous one was.

I guess I was trying to branch out in a different style in the first one I did, but perhaps I should just stick more to what I’ve done in the past because I’ve gotten such good feedback on it.

Anyway, I have yet to get the final approval on this from them, but I’m pretty sure that this what it will look like.

Doing this ad and working with Chet and Ariana has been very illuminating, both about working with clients and also I am gaining a better idea of how I should approach doing commissioned work in general.


Currently listening to: Nothing..but Just Like the Fambly Cat by Grandaddy is out today!!! I am going to go to Newbury Comics on my lunch break to pick it up. I have been waiting for this day for MONTHS!

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May 9, 2006 at 3:11 pm

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