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Alphabet 26

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My name written in the “Alphabet 26” method

Allow me to nerd out on typography for a moment. Just today I learned of design legend Bradbury Thompson’s Alphabet 26. Alphabet 26 is a method of simplifying the alphabet so that instead of using upper case and lower case letters when he typed/wrote, he simply picked the most readable version of the letter (ie; lower case “e” is easier to read than upper case “E”) and then condensed the alphabet into 26 forms instead of the usual 45 upper and lower case letters we have to learn when learning to read. Then, he unified the “x” height of the letters, which means that he made the uppercase letters exactly as tall as the lower case letters, which made it even easier to read.

Turns out he developed this concept when he noticed his young son learning to read

Run Pal. See him run.

And noticed that although his son could read the first “Run” with no problem, he had trouble identifying the second “run” was because of the lower case “r”.

Anyway, seeing the alphabet used this way is beautiful and wonderful and I propose we abandon the dumb and antiquated formality of using a separate uppercase from lower case and just start using Alphabet 26.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

I wrote my name above in Gill Sans (but you can use any font, it works on all of them).

Incidentally, I also have color-grammeme Synaesthesia which means when I look at letters I see colors. The letters in my name above are created in the colors I see them.

Fun stuff.

For more informaiton on Alphabet 26, click here.
For more information on Synaesthesia, click here.


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May 10, 2006 at 3:34 pm

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