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Mom at Boston Harbor
Mom at the Boston Harbor, May 12, 2006

Mom and Lobster at the Sail Loft
Mom at the Sail Loft, May 12,2006

After a wonderful weekend with my Mother, she has returned to Oklahoma and I have returned to work.

She arrived Thursday afternoon, following two days of anxiousness where I was trying to finish my outside design project with TMC youth, wrap things up at my day job, and clean the apartment all before she arrived.

I picked her up at the airport and it was wonderful to see her. Almost a year has lapsed since I’ve seen her (or my father, or any of my family) so having her out here in Boston was lovely.

Thursday we went out to eat at Zaftigs, followed by a walk around Coolidge Corner, and then an early bedtime since we had both gotten little sleep the night before (She had gotten up at 3:45 am to catch her flight!).

Friday we took a Duck Tour around Boston, thanks to Garry, my coworker, who scored us free tickets. The Duck Tour was one of the highlights of the weekend, fun, funny, and a super-great way to see the whole city in an hour.

Afterwards, we went to the Sail Loft, which is a great restaurant on the the harbor. We had lobster, mussels, and the best clam chowdah I have EVER had. We walked around the city after that, and stopped in at Mikes Pastry to pick up some of the local Italian goodies. Then we had coffee and gelato in Café Vittoria.

Saturday I had big plans to take her down to Harvard Square so we could shop and see the university, but it was pouring rain. POURING! We made the effort to get down there, but once we did it wasn’t very fun to walk around, so we ate at Bertuccis and dropped into a couple of shops before heading home. But not before we stopped for some chocolate at Athan’s in Washington Square.

That night, Ariana returned around 7 from a short trip to NYC. She had bought lobsters on the road somewhere. They were still alive. The three of us had fun “playing” with them before Ariana dropped their little bodies into the boiling water. It was morbidly fun.

Sunday we went to church so that she could see the Christian Science Plaza, and then we took a short tour of the church. For lunch, and as a Mother’s Day treat, I took her to Betty’s Wok and Noodle Diner, where I used to work. That place is usually packed and I thought it would be that way on Mother’s Day, so I even made a reservation. Turns out, it wasn’t busy at all, in fact, we were the only table in the restaurant the whole time!! I guess we got there fairly early, so perhaps that was why. Anyway the food was fantastic, and I could tell she really liked it so I was pleased.

After lunch, I wanted to take her walking down Newbury Street to go shopping, but the rain was still coming down in cats and dogs, so we ducked into Anthropologie and then went home. We just sat around chatting that evening and relaxing before going to bed fairly early.

We got up this morning and and I took her to the airport…She should be arriving home..right about now. The time seemed to fly by, and now her visit is over! We were just talking about how you plan and plan for events, and then they come and go so quickly…

It was nice to see you Mom! I hope you enjoyed Boston.


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