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So I read an interesting article on BoingBoing today about this machine that’s been developed to create a sound that drives people crazy. It’s specially targeted to drive teenagers away; it emits this buzzing noise at a high frequency that apparently only teenagers (or people under 25, says the website) can hear. Anyway, after a few minutes of hearing it, young people will start to go insane and have to leave. I guess its being sold mainly to retailers in the UK to keep kids out of their stores.

Of course the first thing you’re thinking is, “Let me hear this sound!” I was the same way. I found a link to the sound at the bottom of this post. (It’s at the bottom of the article.) Now, I’ve always had good hearing; I remember taking hearing tests as a child and hearing certain notes that other kids couldn’t hear. Of course I spent my childhood listening to headphones, so I’m sure that’s effected it somehow, but I’ve always felt I had a good ability to pick up on distant sounds. That’s why this confused me.

I can hear something, but I think I’m just hearing the normal atmospheric sounds, along with a louder “clink clink” half way through followed by laughter. Of course, I _am_ listening to it on my computer speakers, which are pretty crappy, and of course, any small noise would have to compete with the other high-pitched noises that all the various machines in my office emit…but I’m going to be seriously disappointed if I realize that not only are my sight and teeth weak, but my hearing not as awesome as I thought it was! I mean, I _am_ 26, but several people over the age of 26 said they could hear it…

Here’s a link to the Boing Boing article, which suggests that students in the UK have turned the noise only they can hear into a ringtone, so the teachers can’t hear their phones going off (brilliant)

And another link, to the article that contains the MP3. Read this, listen to the sound, then take the poll below.

Can you hear the mosquito noise?
Yes, I can hear it, and I’m 25 or under.
Yes, I can hear it, and I’m older than 25.
No, I can’t hear it, and I’m 25 or younger.
No, I can’t hear it, and I’m older than 25.
Not Sure
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May 26, 2006 at 2:43 pm

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