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Thanks to The Oh So Quiet Show

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Early this afternoon I was reading The Oh So Quiet Show, a blog about music that I’ve been digging lately. Upon opening the page, I was surprised, and quite honored, to see that the first post was about me & my crazy obsession with Grandaddy! The post is called <a href=”;, and you can read it here.

Seeing as I haven’t met the author of this blog, this post came as a total surprise. You can imagine my delight in seeing it. Naturally, I was curious to see how she had found my blog posts about Grandaddy. I figure it happened this way: after I posted a comment to a blog entry on The Oh So Quiet Show about the Jason Lytle performance we had both seen in NYC last week, the author, Robyn, had then (presumably) gone to my blog (that was linked to my comment on her blog) and so very kindly read both of my long long Grandaddy posts (Grandaddy Eulogy, Zero Degrees of Separation). Afterwards, wrote this ultra-sweet unbelievably nice post about my love for the band.

I am flattered beyond belief, and really touched that someone would be able to empathize–and not only empathize, but would be kind enough dedicate a whole post about my little love–about this feeling of loving something so much. Thank you thank you thank you to Robyn, who now I wish I could have met at the show, so I could have given her a hug.

And here is why you need to visit The Oh So Quiet Show right now….

1) How amazingly awesome is Robyn’s blog header? That rabbit is so adorable, plus props on the typography. The pink & green are magic together.
2) Is this blog’s title possibly a reference to a Bjork song? +++
3) Robyn has good taste in music and her opinions are worth regarding
4) She’s super nice!

Thank you thank you again Robyn! You’ve totally made my day!


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May 26, 2006 at 4:16 pm

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