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Final Spiritual Ad

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here is the final spiritual ad for tmc youth. i have mixed feelings about the color. originally it was a nice icy aqua color, but tmc youth, after okaying the ad to print, ran back to me with a last minute change to orange because they felt the blue was too somber.

i like the idea of a brighter color…but in retrospect, i would have made the orange a bit more primary and a bit less pumpkin. also, i think i would have made the text a very rich black or a dark ochre color if i were to do it again, instead of the 80% gray it is now. i hope it comes out nice when printed…

i just got back from the da vinci code. i actually thought it was a fun movie. i guess i went in with no expectations, and i haven’t read the book, so it was a good premise for me.

now i’m exhausted, and it’s time for bed. i have a spinning class at nine in the morning.



I saw this ad in the current June issue of the Sentinel. It turned out pretty good! I was happy with the orange. It wasn’t too pumpkiny. Yay, it was nice to see it in print…

Currently listening to “Hold On” by Magnet…really beautiful song, recommended to me by Roboppy.


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May 27, 2006 at 6:22 am

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