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Bike Ride in Cambridge

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Harvard Square, Cambridge MA

Last night I went out bike riding. Met up with Maggie just outside of Harvard Square. We made a mad dash down Mass Ave, darting in and out of traffic like drunken kamikaze bike messengers. Woo hoo! We rode all around Cambridge, and ended up in Somerville to see Merlyn and Jenny for a bit at Rudy’s Café in Teele Square.

Although Boston isn’t the safest/friendliest city for street biking, it sure is one the most exciting! Traffic, pedestrians, other bikers and buses galore!

We went biking last Wednesday too, with Ariana. It’s so fun just to get out there and spend three hours riding until you’re completely, completely exhausted. My bike got a flat last Wednesday, so last night I took Ariana’s sweet new Jamis bike out cause she’s out of town, so wasn’t around to use it. I love her bike; it’s so strong and powerful. I need to get my flat fixed and get a tuneup, my bike is great but it really really needs to be tuned. Anyway, biking is a satisfying sport…I’m thinking of maybe joining a biking group once I move to Las Vegas.

Oh, and on a side note: it turns out, Merlyn might take my job when I leave! He’s going to meet with Justin when Justin gets back from his boxing tournament in Kansas City. If they get along well, he’ll probably just start working here towards the end of August.


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July 27, 2006 at 1:59 pm

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