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Back River on Georgetown Island, Maine

I drove up to Maine this weekend and stayed at a house on an island. My friend Christine is housesitting for some friends and we stayed at their place. They have a neat, window-y summer house overlooking the beautiful Back River, which connects to the Kennebec River.

I went up Friday night after work and met up with Christine, Ariana and Hugo. The four of us spent the weekend at the house, swimming in the river, sitting on the beach at the nearby ocean at Todd’s Point, eating lobster, kayaking, and just generally relaxing. It was wonderful, and so nice to escape from the city for a couple of days.

Driftwood Tipi at Todd’s Point in Reid State Park (on the Atlantic Ocean)

Little charming old river boat.

Ahhh…what it’s all about. Where the Back River meets up with Kennebec River.

Lobster Buoys

A little shack serving up Maine’s famous little red guys; the freshest you’ll ever get.


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August 7, 2006 at 3:49 pm

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