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My Playlists are Smart, But I Ain’t

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my iTunes screen, with new Smart Playlist

Man, I can’t believe I’ve had my iPod for almost two years now, and am just now figuring out what Smart Playlists are. I was just complaining to someone the other day that I wanted a shuffle setting that just played from certain music genres, like if I was in the mood for a random jazz mix or a slurry of weird experimental rock for painting. I was all like, ‘damn, when is Apple going to wise up and allow us to shuffle songs based upon certain criteria’? Apparently, they were wise some time ago.

I finally got around to checking out the Smart Playlist option in iTunes, and it’s awesome. You can shuffle through very specific music sets; for instance: by artist, beats per minute, genre, rating, etc. There are a ton of things you can change and control, it’s pretty advanced. And, Smart Playlists have an option for live updating, which means everytime you reconnect the iPod to your computer, it will access iTunes and choose a different shuffled set out of your criteria and plug it into you playlist, so you can freshen the mix all the time. It’s great.

One of my favorite options is a Smart Playlist by play count. iTunes and your iPod keep track of how many times you listen to each song, and then you can make play lists based upon popularity. So, for instance, the image above, for the Smart Playlist “i heart music” is a list of the songs that I’ve listened to at least 40 times on my iPod.

It’s Awesome.


Currently listening to, my top 25 most-played songs. See in picture above.


Written by pocheco

August 15, 2006 at 3:06 pm

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  1. can you believe that i don’t even have an ipod?

    pretty weak, i know.


    August 17, 2006 at 6:44 pm

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