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Me & Maggs on Squirrel Hill
Me & Maggie on Squirrel Hill. I look sooo ‘tah-ded.

Monday morning, at 5 am I awake to my friend Maggie doing a little dance in front of me, singing a song about getting my bike rack loaded on my car so that we can leave. She flips on the light, and I sigh, remembering that today is the day that we are leaving Boston. Which means there’s no time to hit the snooze button.

I get up out of bed, pull on the jeans and tshirt I have laid out for the day, and Maggie and I go downstairs to mount my bike rack on my car in preparation for leaving.

The weekend before has been hectic. I have been moving out, and Ariana’s future roommate, Jason, has moved in. I tried, with great futility, to keep my mood one of calm and relaxation the three days before I left Boston. Since Friday, after a serene and friendly goodbye lunch with my boss Justin, my mind’s been a little hamster on a treadwheel, spinning around trying to remember every little detail I needed to accomplish before I leave the city. After jumping around from one task to another without really being able to keep myself focused, I have somehow arrived at 5:00 am Monday morning, with my car completely packed and loaded, and now have to prepare for the 11 hour drive to Pittsburgh with Maggie.

We both run around the apartment a couple of more times, making sure we have everything loaded up in the car, before giving a quick hug to sleepy Jason sitting on the couch, and heading down stairs with Ariana, who’s walking us down for the final goodbye.

Still dark outside, we quickly strap on the bike rack and add my bike, and then I turn to give Ariana one last hug.

Maggie and I cruise down Beacon towards Mass Ave, connect up with the Massachusetts Pike, and I look back one more time at the city that I’m leaving forever. Then Maggie and I are on the highway, and there is nothing ahead of me but road, road, road.

Maggie’s just making the trip with me to Pittsburgh, where I’m dropping her off to start her new semester at Carnegie-Mellon. I’m happy to have her with me, tho, on the longest leg of my trip to my midway destination point of Oklahoma. We stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for one last coffee goodbye for me, since there are no Du-do’s out on the west coast. Then, we proceed through the misty, overcast morning, with some My Morning Jacket on the radio, into the unknown. (At least for me!)

The trip goes surprisingly fast, and after a few little traffic clogs, and a few stops for snacks, we arrive in Pittsburgh around 5:30 pm. As we drive into Pittsburgh, it’s overcast and the city looks a little bit worn down.

Pittsburgh is a steel town and it seems a little dreary, and the townspeople all seem to be worried or angry. Don’t think I’d want to live there. But there are a bunch of cool bridges in that town, which redeems it a little. Maggie says there are over 70 bridges.

We went out to dinner at a Thai place with some of her friends for dinner, followed by Gelatti, which Maggie says is a Pittsburgh specialty. It consists of frozen custard layered with Italian ice. Good stuff!

Afterward we went back to her apartment, and I fell asleep almost immediately after walking through the door.


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August 28, 2006 at 4:22 pm

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