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My New Desk

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My New Desk!!!

I got a new desk today. And a chair! Plus it was delivered to my door. All of this for the humble price of $35. I woke up this morning, thinking that I was happy to have a steady stream of freelance graphic design jobs, but thinking that I was dreading having to spend another 4-5 hour session sitting on a floor pillow, legs indian-style, unorganized and uncomfortable.

So I got onto Craigslist, the website of many pleasures, be it new furniture, a new job, or a new date. I found this little gem and it was sitting in my room mere hours later. It’s a little run down, but it’s perfect for me, and my non-cramped legs are really thanking me now. I really think it’s going to help my productivity.

It’s these things you take for granted, like a desk or a plunger, that you may not think you need until you really, really need them. I’m thankful I had the money to pay for it too, because finances have been a little funny lately.

I will, say, however, that I made it through the Xmas holiday season while still managing to get presents for almost everyone I wanted to. I was really concerned that that may not happen this year, what with me not having a job and all.

I’ve still been doing some temp jobs lately; I worked at the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation for a day before New Years and I worked 2 days last week for a law firm downtown last week doing data-entry.

Thank god for these freelance jobs I’ve been doing, they’ve really helped me get through the tight times. I just did a series of ads for the CS Monitor, which were amazingly fun to design. I’m not sure if they’re live on the site,, yet, so I won’t post them here until I am for sure. And this new desk is going to make freelancing so much better.

Thank you, desk. Now, if I could just get a dresser, things would be great!

Here is a picture of my old one. It was nice and sturdy, I suppose, but, damn, there is only so long you can sit on a wood floor before you start getting really, really agitated.

Old Desk

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January 8, 2007 at 10:11 am

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