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The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

So, after four months of searching for a graphic design job without getting one, I have had a meeting with my Future Self and with my Life Planner and we have come up with a new plan for how I’m going to make my way here in Las Vegas.

I am going to start my own business. To hell with all those other bastard design companies that won’t hire me. Truth is, what I really want to do is start my own design studio. A lot of the places around here in town have some great advertisting, but none of them really do the kind of design that I love.

I’ve been thinking about starting my own business anyway, it’s just that I thought I would benefit from a few year’s experience at an advertising firm. But fuck it, if they’re not going to hire me, I’m going to have to push forward and just make my own thing happen.

And since I’ve sort of come up with that decision, I’ve had an amazing amount of freelance work pouring in. I have been doing little projects here and there on the side for the past year or so, but I have to say, since I’ve made my decision, I’m inundated with tons of projects. And it’s great! (Let’s hope it keeps up)

I don’t have enough clients to quite start my business full time yet, so in the mean time I thought I’d just get another job, any job, one that will get me by and won’t cramp my little freelance stuff on the side.

So, after working for my temp agency for three months, they finally offered me a job that may go permanent. Which is such a blessing, because I’ve been doing a lot of jobs that last two or three days, and those were starting to wear me down. Just when I got used to the place or the people or the work—bam! I was shipped off to somewhere else. That was getting old.

Anyway, so, now, getting back to the picture at the top of this entry: I now work at the Venetian Hotel. It’s a gorgeous hotel. I work for a construction company inside the building that is constructing a new Palazzo addition to the hotel. Working on the Las Vegas strip is quite a great place to be. There’s so much to look at, and there are so many great places I can walk to on my lunch break. The only real problem is that getting in and out of the Strip is crazy business. The traffic is insane, and it takes me forever to get home during rush hour. Once I figure a way around that, then everything will be rosy.

It doesn’t pay all that great, and I don’t think that I could really live on my own on the pay, but supplemented by my freelance projects, along with a little streamlining of my budget, and I think I could may make it work. Plus there’s always the hope that I could eventually advance a little in the construction company and perhaps get a little more money.

The thought of having my own graphic design/illustration is infinitely exciting. But the thought of the road to that place, where I have my own studio and enough clients to let me pay a mortgage, is terrifying. I have to basically make 10x per month what I’m making in freelance projects now to be able to do it full time. I will have to really have to meet a lot of new people and advertise like crazy to be able to attract enough people to bring in money like that. Getting all those people to want me to make stuff for them sounds really hard. And being able to achieve it feels kinda iffy.

My goal is to go full-time graphic design in 2 years or less. I will be 29. Until then, I’ll probably have to eat hot dogs and ramen and live in a dungeon or something. But, I suppose two years isn’t much time, in the long run. Wish me luck.

Anyway, this post really started off with me being grateful that I finally am employed at a place that will most likely turn into a permanent thing if I play my cards right. Although it would be really nice to make enough money to move out on my own, I’m honestly just glad that I won’t have to worry about coming up with money to pay my bills while I’m living with Suzanne.

And I get to wear a hard hat for part of the day. I think it’s kinda cool.

Some more pictures of the Venetian:

The Venetian, Las Vegas
The Venetian

The Venetian, Las Vegas
The Venetian

Las Vegas Strip, including the Mirage and the Venetian hotels
Part of the view from where I park my car, on the tenth level of the garage.

Harrah's, and a little bit of Ceasar's Palace with the Mirage and the Rio in Background, Las Vegas
Part of the view from where I park my car, on the tenth level of the garage.

Ceiling of the Venetian Valet
The ceiling over the valet near the entrance of the hotel

The Canal in the Venetian Hotel
Artificial canal inside the hotel.

Inside the Venetian Hotel
Also inside the hotel. The “sky” is actually a painted ceiling.

Gelato at the Venetian Hotel
Gelato–too pretty to eat!

Inside the Venetian Hotel
Another view of the interior of the hotel, complete with canal and painted sky.

Performers at the Venetian Hotel
Puppet performers in the court.

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January 21, 2007 at 5:56 am

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  1. GOOG LUCK in graphic design!!!show to them what DESIGN is;) Curious place, Las Vegas, eheh beautiful pictures, as always.



    January 30, 2007 at 10:21 pm

  2. You know u and I are a lot alike with the idea about working for self. 5 years ago I was where you are hoping to work for myself and had decided to take a small job here and there. Then I got stuck in retail management and forgot about my freelance endeavor, simply because the pay was great and the work was overwhelming. I finally took the bite and left retail for a lesser paying job, merchandising. This let me find more time but hurt financially.I just recently started doing grahics, entry level pay with Deluca/Coors. I still would like to go freelance but have realized that I can’t do it alone. I need hungry artist like myself in Las Vegas to team up and take on projects and get a name out there. I’m wondering if you are interested in collaborating and making the idea of self employment a possibility?
    my email


    January 31, 2007 at 12:43 pm

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