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Perspectives of Red Rock Canyon

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Shaggy Torrey Yucca in front of Calico Hills, Red Rock Canyon

I went to Red Rock Canyon National Park today for some fresh air and some photography. The canyon is part of the Mojave Desert, located just outside of Las Vegas.

Last July, a fire hit the desert and burned many acres of Torrey Yucca and other cacti across a large part of the canyon. These photos include many images of the plants in the wake of the fire.

In contrast, I took several shots of live Torrey Yucca, so that you can compare how they look. I also have several pictures of the amazingly beautiful Calico Hills, the queens of Red Rock Canyon.

Wild Burros live in Red Rock, but they are so accustomed to people that you can approach them and touch them, they don’t seem to mind.

Here are some of my favorite images. Click link at bottom of this blog for the full Flickr set.

The Phoenix
The Phoenix

Alien Landscape
Mars in 5 Million Years

Death of the Torrey Yucca
Death of the Torrey Yucca

Clouds Looming
Clouds Stretching

Turtle Head Behind Calico Rock
Turtle Head Behind Calico Rock

The Sentinel

Verdant Desert
Verdant Desert

After the Fire
After the Fire

Me with the Wild Donkey, Well Maybe Not So Wild
Me and the Burrito

The Old West
The Old West

Squiggley Drive
Squiggly Drive

Click here for whole Flickr set.

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January 29, 2007 at 3:06 am

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