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well, since i’ve made the decision to go with having my own design company, i am simultaneously filled with hope and regret. i don’t know how i’m really going to do this, but it’s fun to think about. i’ve got some decent clients over the last few months, which has been great.

however, a lot of the design i’m doing has lots of text involved. and while that’s nice and really practical and what most people want, i have come to the conclusion that designing brochures and catalogs for me is mostly tedious. i mean, it’s fine and all, and i can do it *alright*, but what i really want is just to cut out the text and instead design with punchy big letters and freakish illustrations.


here’s a design i did just recently for a brochure. i’m pretty ok with how it turned out. but then, i found this weird little illustration i did about 1.5 years ago (below). it’s not all that polished, but i still like the weird organic-ness of it. plus it’s just more fun and ultimately more my style.


i feel like my paid design is kind of drifting away from this element, and it makes me a little sad. i want to stay on track with what really gets me jazzed, you know?

if you know any bands who need posters, or books that need dust jackets, email me! that’s the kind of stuff i want to work on. if you haven’t seen my posters, go here.

currently listening to The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy


Written by pocheco

February 14, 2007 at 6:48 am

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