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Calico Basin Photos

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Burro Crossing in Calico Basin

I drove out to Red Rock today thinking I could get some more cool photos. It was raining in the Canyon, a truly rare occurrence. It was also cold, so I just drove through without stopping.

I did see my little burro friends, though! That makes three times I’ve seen them.

On my way back home, I passed Calico Basin. I’ve passed it several times, with never having been in there. I decided to go in there in the hopes of photographing some Joshua Trees and the “Beware! Burro Crossing” road sign.

As I drove in about 1/2 a mile, I realized that Calico Basin is actually this little underdeveloped village with weird houses and a ranch. I saw a caboose and an old car that had been converted into a cactus garden, and a house that reminded me of the Epcot Center.

It’s a really neat place overall, a little backwoods and a little scary, but thrilling. I’m now looking into how I can move there.

Quail Hollow Ranch in Calico Basin
Quail Hollow Ranch

Old Rusty Car = Cactus Garden!
Cactus Garden!

Is this a Caboose? Or Trolley Car? -- In Calico Basin
Caboose or Trolley Car? Weird spot for one, either way. It seemed abandoned, but I couldn’t approach it because it was on private property.

Strange House in Calico Basin
Funny Little House

Entering Calico Basin
Entrance to Calico Basin

Giant Joshua Tree in Calico Basin
Giant Joshua Tree

Anyway, you can view the whole Flickr set here.

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February 20, 2007 at 12:54 am

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