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Canoe in Canaima
Photo I took in Venezuela, 1999

So, today I was on my lunch break at work listening to Band of Horses. There is a lyric in one of their songs that goes “a million day funeral”. Thinking of funerals and 1,000,000 days, I wondered if there was a possibility that I would live to be one million days old.

I did the math on the office calcuator. 1,000,000/365 is 2,739 years. OK, I don’t expect to last that long.

100,000 days is still 274 years. That’s a little ambitious.

But, I WILL live 10,000 days. In fact, that will happen in your 27th year of life.

“Hm”, I thought to myself, “I’m 27, I wonder at which point I’ll be exactly 10,000 days old”. Well, 27 years on my birthday would be 9855 days. That leaves 145 days to make it up to 10,000 days total. So, I counted all the days since my birthday and, you know what? Today, March 2, is the 145th day from my birthday in October. That makes me, as of today, exactly 10,000 days old. (I suppose it’s really 10,006 if you count leap years)

I thought it was funny that I just today thought of the 10,000 days thing and then realized that today is also my 10,000th day on this planet.

Currently listening to Horses by Band of Horses


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March 2, 2007 at 7:55 pm

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