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Remember Third Grade Art Class? Welcome Back, Friends

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My New Art Toys, *ahem* EQUIPMENT
My New Art Toys, *ahem* EQUIPMENT

I have always loved art, in all its forms. And I’ve been getting a lovely chance to get paid for my imagination lately, which has been great. However, 99% of the stuff I’ve done has been on the computer.

I miss getting my hands dirty! Especially since a lot of the techniques I admire are hand done. I have been seeing a lot of stuff on this website that I really admire. I was trying to figure out how they get the sort of scratchy look to some of their posters, and in a flash, I remembered 3rd grade and linoleum block printing.

I went to Dick Blick today and bought some tools so I could try it out again. It’s been two decades since I’ve done it, but I sort of remember how it goes. So I got the items in the picture above, and ran home to try it.

You have to get a funny little set of tools:

Lino Cutting Tool Assortment
The Blade Tool

Ink and Linoleum Block Roller (Brayer)
The Roller and Ink

After that, of course, you need the linoleum. I got a variety of sizes, nothing too big yet, I’m not ready to make a huge commitment. I remember using a kind that was mounted on a piece of particle board. I found something similar today, as well as a kind that’s just floppy rubber with no backing. It feels so soft and cool and the advert claims that it “Cuts Like Butter”. Plus it smells simply amazing. I almost had as much fun holding it as I did cutting into it.

I tried the “butter” version first, and I believe the advert was right. I tried all of the tools, and they’re great. I really enjoyed myself, even though I really didn’t have a plan/design in mind. I just kind of doodled and tested the cutting tools.

I squeezed out some ink onto the gray metal ink tray, and rolled some onto a roller, then applied to butter rubber. Then I pressed two versions (really inky, and a second, slightly less inky) into the pages of my Moleskine:

First Linoleum Block Printing in Moleskine

I was very pleased with results: One thing I noted, haha, My name comes out backwards (DUH!). And the little marks I made in the rubber aren’t all that interesting, but what IS interesting is how the ink comes off on the paper. I simply love the texture. Both inky and not-so-inky versions.

I can’t wait to play with this more. And I certainly DID get my hands dirty! Yay! I feel revitalized and ready to attack my graphic designs again.

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March 18, 2007 at 10:02 pm

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