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Yay! Childhood!

So I haven’t been blogging all that much this week, and there’s a good reason…I have got a lot of exciting things going on that are keeping me from concentrating long enough to sit down and type. But work is slow today and the boss is gone so I don’t have much to do…

The first and foremost lovely item is that Spring has Sprung. Although this particular season seems to be nothing more than a footnote for the southwestern USA, it IS in fact, the official time of year. And with this change of seasons, a few little wonderful occurrences have occurred.

The weather here has reached, in some moments, 90 degrees (I say YAY), the official temperature of “heat wave” in Boston. I heard it snowed there in Auld New England last week, to which I yell, in the general direction of the eastern seaboard, “SUCKERS!!”

The combination of the early arrival of Daylight Savings this year and the warm climes of the desert have made me want to roll in the grass in the back yard like a puppy. See picture above, from my favorite child hood story series.

Suzanne and I have been taking to our regular walks, although since it’s still dark at 6 am these days, we decided to push our walks back to the evenings. It’s hard enough making yourself exercise at 6am every day without having to walk out into a wall of darkness.

We usually bring the dogs, our little Pomeranian Bella and our large Standard Poodle Daphne. They mostly lounge calmly around the living room in the evenings, but when they see Suzanne put on her tennis shoes, they KNOW and immediately become excited. Jumping up, wagging rears, panting tongues and happy little hops because they get to go outside. Their enthusiasm is pure motivation.

Mariah turned 12 on Tuesday. We celebrated by having dinner at MiMi’s Cafe. I used to work there, years ago, when I still lived in Tulsa, and hadn’t stepped foot inside of one since 2004. It was neat to be back in there again, thank God as a customer rather than a waitress. We had a nice dinner. Tonight, she is having her birthday party, a sleep-over, and I’m almost a little reluctant to spend the night at the house! 7 or 8 pre-pubescent girls will be running around the house in a herd all night laughing and squealing. Actually, I lie….I think it will be fun.

Her party is themed “Chinese Take Out and a Movie”, so she has been buying several little Asian-themed favors, and stuffing them into the traditional take out boxes in preparation. For her invitations, I helped her learn how to make an Origami Crane, with the party information inside. Suzanne and Jay have both been enthusiastic about helping her get the party ready, complete with lanterns and chopsticks and a plethera of tchotzches for the fun evening. I am helping transport the girls to the movies, where we will be seeing “The Last Mimsy”. I love Rainn Wilson, so I’m hoping to enjoy it.

Saturday I’m going to try to send Danny’s tent back to him. That thing freaking weighs a ton and I don’t even know where I can find a box for it, but I’m going to make it a point of sending it back to him. For reasons of closure and respect. I am hoping it cost less than 60 bucks to ship. I’m also including some little souvenirs from Las Vegas (which I know he’ll promptly trash) and a note. I will feel better when it’s sent. Then I will be able to close the book on him…forever.

I’m also making a little voyage with friends Andrea and Nicole to Calico Basin and then to Boulder City, where the Hoover Dam is. Andrea’s never been to Calico Basin and I’ve never been to Boulder City, so we’re giving tours to each other.

Saturday night, I think I’m going to be babysitting while Suzanne and Jay enjoy a night on the town. That will be good because it will give me a chance to catch up on some design projects.

But the biggest and most exciting news is that, on Sunday…I have a date. I don’t want to say how long it’s been since I’ve been on a date…but let’s suffice by saying that was three whole state moves ago. I met a guy this week and we started talking and I was kind of amazed at how much we seem to have in common. He seems so genuine and hilarious and I can tell he’s going to be fun. We’re going out for coffee on Sunday afternoon and I’m a little nervous, but really excited too.

This whole weekend is going to fly by, as weekends often do. Wish me luck on the date, though.

I can’t tell if we’ve come into Spring like the Lamb or the Lion, but there has been calm and there has been wind.

PS: Today’s blog title came from Pond Patrol. Please enjoy the witty writing as well as amazing bokeh effect on the photos.

That is all.

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March 23, 2007 at 5:24 pm

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  1. Nostalgia…..


    March 28, 2007 at 10:35 pm

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