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Boulder City, Nevada, originally uploaded by Roadsidepictures.

I had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time! First, Mariah’s party Friday night was a success. There was a pack of feral hyper 12 year olds running around the house emitting strange whoops and yelps late into the night.

We had Chinese take out for dinner and then took them to see The Last Mimsy (which was OK, a bit “out there”). I helped truck some of the girls back and forth to the movie theater, and the four of us had a great time singing to the radio in the car and honking at boys in other cars. Thankfully they all passed out around 1:30 am so I didn’t have to stay up too late listening to them.

Saturday I got up fairly early and went over to the UPS store to ship out Danny’s tent. It was very very expensive to ship, but when I finally left it at the store, along with a box full of pictures, too, I walked out the door and felt great that it was done.

Andrea and Nicole came over around 11 or so and the three of us did some traveling around Nevada. We went to Calico Basin at Red Rock, and then headed to Mount Charleston, stopping on the way to climb rocks and photograph some joshua trees. We didn’t really stop at Mt. Charleston, but rather just drove through, because we still wanted to make it to Boulder City for an early dinner. There was some snow up in the mountains, and we even saw a snowman…

We headed back towards Boulder City and arrived there at about 4. We cruised down the little main street they have there to check out the sites and then we stopped to eat at one of the little outdoor cafes on the street. We ate and then checked out one of the little souvenir shops nearby, where I bought some fossilized dinosaur poop, called Coprolite.

Boulder City is quite beautiful and cute with some very Art Deco architecture and lots of neon from the 50s. We drove up around a bend where we got an excellent view of Lake Mead. We didn’t have time to stop at the Hoover Dam, however, so I think we’re going to go back next week for that.

Later that night I took Mariah, Max, Morgan and Maddie to the park for a little while when Jay and Suzanne went out to see Penn & Teller at the Rio. I was kind of tired from being outside all day, so after the park, I pretty much passed out at home while the kids watched TV. I eventually woke up to make sure they all went to bed, and then spent a few hours working on a logo project. I was very excited/nervous about my date the next day, so I didn’t get much sleep.

I woke up at 10 am and the guy called me at about 11 and we made plans to meet up at three. Suzanned colored my hair: dark on the bottom again and some super bright orangey red highlights on top. I really like how it turned out. I finished getting ready and then left to go meet my date a coffee shop.

The coffee shop was down by UNLV, and was a great place. I had never been there before, and it was nice to find a coffee shop that was fun to hang out at. When I had first moved here, Andrea and I had been on a quest to find a good coffee shop, and had little luck, so this place was a great find indeed.

Anyway I met the guy and we sat outside in little wicker chairs in the warm afternoon sun and drank coffee and chatted for about one hour and a half. I had a nice time with him…He seems like a great guy and I am looking forward to getting to know him better. It seems we may have many many things in common, so the potential for a great friendship is there, which is very pleasing to me. We have plans for next Sunday to hike through the Valley of Fire, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, Monday morning is here again, and it’s now 8 days until Mommy arrives here; Suzanne and I are very excited. I have also made tentative plans with Ariana to have her out here in Mid April. April is going to be a busy month.

I just hope it’s not as TS Eliot says, ‘April is the cruellest month…’



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March 26, 2007 at 3:57 pm

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