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Pictorial Tour of Boulder City (Part I)

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El Rancho Boulder Motel, Boulder City
El Rancho Boulder Motel Sign

A few images of the lovely Boulder City Nevada. More to come this summer, as I plan on making as many trips back there as possible! (Love it!)

El Rancho Boulder Motel, Boulder City
AAA Approved! (Full view of sign)

Boulder Dam Hotel (It's Haunted!)
Boulder Dam Hotel…It’s Haunted!

Turbine from the Building of Hoover Dam, Boulder City Nevada
Me standing next to a turbine used in making the Hoover Dam

Dead Cows on Sale !HERE!
A lovely store called Dead Cows on Sale

Part of Dead Cows on Sale Sign
Detail of Dead Cows on Sale sign

Creepy Bunny at Antique Depot
Creepy bunny at the Antique Depot

The Coffee Cup Cafe
Adorable Cafe, The Coffee Cup (I had huevos rancheros!)

Lake Mead and the Sierra Nevadas
View of Lake Mead

Road along Lake Mead in Boulder City, NV
Windy Road Along the Lake

El Ranco Boulder Motel, Boulder City
And one last one of the El Rancho Sign, because it’s awesome

Next episode…

Hoover Dam!
Bob’s Family Diner!
Matteo’s Lounge!

Many more to come…

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April 1, 2007 at 3:05 am

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