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Have You Seen Trent Reznor Lately?

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While reading about the VA Tech Massacre this morning in the NY Times, I ran across a picture of Trent Reznor, and was blown away. Have you seen him? He looks totally different.

I guess he gave up drugs and booze and startted eating protein packs, or something, because he looks all beefy. I remember him best from the Closer video, circa 1994 where he looks all waify and dark and sinister. Now he just kind of looks like a meathead. He’s seriously changed his image. Madonna, eat your heart out.

Old Trent Reznor sort of Crowish, but with more of a fetish

New Trent Reznor Profile like Henry Rollins, wardrobe stylings like Lenny Kravitz

Is this seriously the same person?

One more time, cause I still don’t believe it:

Old Trent Reznor Sexy and mysterious in green hues

New Trent Reznor Sweaty hotdog in orange

Wow, I’m just blown away.


Written by pocheco

April 17, 2007 at 4:58 pm

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