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Planet Earth Television Series

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planet earth -jelly something or other

Mostly television does us wrong. But sometimes, it does us right. And in the case of the BBC’s/Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth, it is very, very right. The BBC is without a doubt the best at making nature shows. I do believe this is the most amazing show I have ever seen.

planet earth- polar bears

Remember how amazing and revolutionary Blue Planet was? I saw things I had never seen before, and still shiver at the thought of some of those deep sea beasties, first caught on film in that series. Well, the crew of Planet Earth has REALLY outdone themselves on this one.

planet earth - tibetian fox

I remember first seeing a promo for this show in a movie theater back in early March. And I knew right away that not only did I have to see it, but I already knew that I eventually wanted to own it so that I could watch it over and over and over. Unfortunately, I missed the two first episodes, but will henceforth be glued to our giant HD flat screen TV Sunday nights at 8pm.

planet earth - tiger

The first show I saw was the “rainforests” one, and my jaw was on the floor practically the entire hour. Not only will this show inspire you to help conserve the planet, it will also make you wonder why you didn’t major in biology so you could be out there experiencing this first hand.

planet earth - shark

The BBC film crew employed some special cinematography effects that are so amazing that I literally get chills and all emotional when I watch these scenes. The camera work is out of this world, the colors are vibrant and dizzying, and the subjects are so much more spectacular than you have ever previously imagined. Not to mention, this video was 5 years in the making, so they have collected the absolutely most wonderful footage, and it’s perfectly, perfectly edited.

yellow tree - planet earth

The only thing I was *slightly* disappointed with is, why did they have to Americanize the series by hiring someone with an American accent to re-narrate the film? Everyone knows that David Attenborough is the best for these sorts of things. Sigourney Weaver is “ok” but frankly I find her a bit flat–she just doesn’t seem all that amazed by the imagery, and you can hear her blandness. Oh well, no worries. When the DVD is available, and I WILL be getting it, it will include the original narration by Attenborough, which I imagine will be infinitely better.

aroura borealis - planet earth

If you’re not watching it, you’re missing out on a turning point in the realm of television experience. Don’t forget to enter the drawing that will give you a trip to one of six (out of 204) locations where they filmed! Click here to enter contest.
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