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The Hub of the World, originally uploaded by B Tal.

I found this photo by BTal on Flickr today. He’s always taking great photos that I like to put in this blog. This one is of the South End of Boston, and it makes me sooooo nostalgic for living there.

During the hike last night, I was speaking with a guy from Queens, New York and he told me that, other than the amazing outdoors, he hated living in Las Vegas. Although I don’t hate it here, I can see his point.

I don’t know if it’s because Las Vegas is still so young, or if Boston is just an exceptionally lovely city, but I find city life here pretty drab. I mean, the strip is novel and that’s kind of fun, and there is a great variety of places at which to shop/eat/play, but Las Vegas feels so disjointed, like a Frankenstein’s Monster of simalcrum pieces–New York New York, Paris Hotel, Caesar’s Palace–living side by side. The suburbs are marketed with a vague “southwestern” feel, which seems like a ripoff, too, from Santa Fe or Albuquerque. Other than the strip, chain stores and restaurants have tight control over the expansion of this city. It’s uncommon to go anywhere that there isn’t at least five others of elsewhere in the city.

No doubt this city has been planned well, I have never lived in a city that is so incredibly convenient and accessible. Parking is never a problem, and there’s usually valet, streets are wide and even (although traffic is a total bitch, but that’s nothing unusual for a city) and this is also the cleanest city I’ve ever lived in. (Ironic that “Sin City” is also the cleanliest?) But nothing feels connected or part of a whole.

Not like it does in Boston, anyway. Each part of Boston, whether it be the South End, Brookline, Back Bay, Cambridge, even Allston and Brighton, all sort of radiate as a single expression, as if each part of town is tethered–visually, architecturally or otherwise–to a solid center. There’s so much character to this city that it oozes out of the sidewalks and the brownstones and the light posts. It’s still my favorite city, ever.

I so enjoyed the gorgeous landscape of the hike in Red Rock last night, and am not quite ready to give it up. But…Boston, you’re calling my name again. If only I were able to spend half my life there and half here. Not for a long long while, if ever. I have left Boston twice, and I always miss it so much when I leave. I’m glad I moved here to Las Vegas, but, I don’t know. I still don’t see me spending the rest of my life here…


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April 25, 2007 at 9:16 pm

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