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Las Vegas Traffic, originally uploaded by Akoaraisin.

I hate Las Vegas traffic. HATE IT.

When I first moved here I made fun of the DJs on radio, because they were always talking about “how bad Las Vegas traffic” is. In the beginning, I was like “Yeah, whatever. Every city loves to brag about how bad their traffic is.” Bragging about your city’s shitty traffic is like the equivalent of a teenager bragging about how misunderstood she is. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

But I am beginning to understand that maybe, just maybe, the DJs, and everyone else who complains about it, is on to something. I was sitting in traffic today, just simply going insane. Driving to work makes me so agnry. I think I need to get my work hours changed before I succumb to complete and utter Road Rage.

*Update: As of Monday, I’ll be arriving 1/2 hour earlier and leaving 1/2 hour earlier in an attempt at thwarting the phantom wrecks that cause the major blockage around 7:40 am. YESSSSSSSSSSSS

And is it just me, or is there an eerie number of white cars in that picture?

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Written by pocheco

April 26, 2007 at 3:40 pm

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