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Arlington T, Boston

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Arlington T, Boston

Funny how a picture can trigger all sorts of memories. I was wandering through my Flickr photostream today and found this. It’s a common snapshot, probabaly uninteresting to most, but I remember taking it, thinking “Someday, this everyday occurence will only be a memory..”

I walked up these stairs every single weekday for over two years on my way to work at Kennard Design. I’d pass by all these nice stores right on the edge of the Boston Public Gardens, and turn left down Park Plaza to the Statler building. I’d look up high to my left and see a small garden on a balcony of an aparment building. On the ground next to me, there’d be a fountain with some pigeons gathered around it and brick walkways all down the street. I’d see a line of taxis waiting in front of the Park Plaza Hotel, and I’d see the red carpet and the bell hops there too. Stately skyscrapers that held noble banks and fancy restaurants and a slew of super expensive, uber modern European furniture stores. If I looked far enough down the road, I could see Legal Seafood.

I’d weave in and out of the busy people on the street, on my way into Au Bon Pain at the bottom of the Statler, to get a coffee and, if it was Friday, a cup of oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins and chocolate chips. Then I would walk into the marble lobby of the Statler, past the security checkpoint, and wait for one of the six elevators to take me up to floor 7.

You know, this was always my dream in highschool and college: That one day I’d have a job where, on my way to work, I got to walk down a narrow street lined with tall buildings. There’d be lots of shiny glass, and people in suits with briefcases. I wanted to be one of those people, to be a professional walking briskly through a big city, checking my watch constantly, on my way to a cool design job. I remembered the day that I realized I was living my little dream. Except that I never had to wear a suit and only carried a ratty backpack, not a briefcase. The fact that I took a subway to work only added icing to the cake.That kind of moment, the one where you realize you’re experiencing something pulled out of your imagination, will put a smile on your face.

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May 3, 2007 at 7:00 pm

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