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Camping in Callville Bay + Roller Derby

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Table Rock near Callville Bay
Table Rock, on the way to Callville Bay

Nothing is quite like leaving the city for a night or two to lose yourself in the desolation and echoing silence of the desert. Driving out of the traffic, and towards the mountains, always feels right to me.

Despite windy, overcast weather and the fact that no place in this damn city sells chopped wood year round, so it’s nearly impossible to find stuff for campfires, Andrea and I finally made it out of Las Vegas around 7 pm on Friday night.

We headed due east to Callville Bay, which is on Lake Mead. Driving into Callville Bay was the one of the most beautiful drives I’ve been on. Crisp, smooth black top roads with bright white lines cut through the slopes over the ever-expanding Sierra Nevada mountain range. We raced through the valley as the sun was setting behind the distant peaks. When the sun disappears and colors the sky and the clouds a bright orange, I am always reminded of practice of alchemy.

With the vanishing orange light behind us, and the dusk ahead, we crossed through the rolling hills peppered with hundreds of black rocks, burnt from a fire and scattered across the ground, otherwise barren except for the dark blue-green shrubs, tenaciously hanging on to the sandy soil; stubborn little plants of the future-tumbleweed variety. I had never seen such a gamut of rock color in the surrounding mountains: in one portion of the range, stacked against each other so the colors contrasted, we could see buff and gold and rusty red and cedar brown. The hazy atmosphere caused the furthest mountain to look purple and blueish brown.

We arrived at the camp site just before dark and set up camp in record time, even though we accidentally took someone else’s campsite, which he ended up reliquishing to us since we already had our fire blazing, thanks to the expensive, but easy-to-light individually packaged fire logs we had bought at Albertsons. We made our trademark Chocolate Chicken® dinner, and sat down in our little camping chairs to relax.

Andrea with my New Tent at our Campground
Andrea at our campsite, exiting my new Eureka! Tent

We chatted a bit with the surrounding campers, and even spied on some of them. I think spying on other campers may become my new camping entertainment. We sat around the fire, ate oranges & chocolate and talked about the good old days. We went to bed around 11 and woke up with the sun at 7 am or so. We dismantled the campsite and left back to town.

Near Lake Las Vegas
Pretty stream, near Lake Las Vegas

On the way back, we stopped by table rock to take top picture, and also stopped to check out Lake Las Vegas, which is the uppity super rich mini-city that exists a little beyond Henderson. It was spectacularly beautiful. I didn’t really get any pictures of it, but I did get this stream across and down the road a bit.

Sin City Girls Roller Derby
kick ass poster from the roller derby

Later that evening, we intended to go see the Sin City Neander Dolls face off in a derby against the Brew City Bruisers from Milwaukee, but we got the time wrong and ended up like an hour and half late, so we missed most of the game.

Sigourney Beaver
the Beave with trophy

However, we were pleased to know that our girls slayed Milwaukee. Above is a picture of our friend, Amber, who is one of the Neander Dolls. Her team name is Sigourney Beaver, but we just call her The Beave. Picture courtesy of Justin.

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