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Are our bodies like one giant game of KerPlunk: pull the wrong stick and all the marbles fall out? Are our organs just floating around loose in there? I mean, most of them have to have, like, muscle tissue, or blood vessels or some kind of string attached to them, right? Are they attached to each other or are they attached to something that will hold them inside? I know scarily little about the state of my insides, aside from them telling me when I’m ill and when I have to go pee and when they are angry with what I have poured into them, or not poured into them. So many of the functions are involuntary; the majority of my body chugs along quite nicely without me, as long as I feed it and walk it and make sure it gets some sleep now and then.

Today marks the first day of 4-6 six weeks where my boss is gone getting a hysterectomy. Why does that word sound so much like hysteria? Or hysterical? I’m sure they have some root that is common, some horrid connection that I’m probably better off not learning.

She said to me that, during the first two weeks after her surgery, she is not allowed to walk much, because it is possible that her bladder could fall out. Oh. My. God. BLADDER COULD FALL OUT? What would happen then? Could they shove it back in? If not, how would you go pee? Or would you just not be able to contain the pee? Would it come out in a never ending stream without the bladder?

I don’t like thinking about it. That if you pull the wrong organ, it’s as if you pull the pin rock that is supporting a huge mountain of loose rocks. Could other organs possibly fall out, once the bladder is gone? Would its absense make way for other ones to escape? Could you be walking along one day, and then suddenly, plop, your kidneys fall out, then your liver, then, God forbid, your stomach and intestines? The thought is harrowing.

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Written by pocheco

May 7, 2007 at 6:47 pm

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