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Vegas view from Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard
View of the Las Vegas strip, from the intersection of The Boulevard and Sahara.

In addition to being halfway through No Alcohol May, see post from earlier today, today marks 8 months that I’ve been living in Las Vegas. Things are going pretty ok, too.

I have found a place to live, and think I’m going over this weekend to check it out. It’s a new house in a fancy new part of town called Mountain’s Edge. A friend of Allison’s just bought the house, and needed a third roommate. I’ve met the girl a couple of times, she seems nice and intelligent. I haven’t met the other roommate, but I hear he’s a laid back art student who drives a limo on the weekends.

The girl’s been super busy these last few weeks because of graduation, so I haven’t been over to see the house yet. She doesn’t live there yet, because it’s still being built, and she and the Art Student probably won’t be moving in until June/July. I saw a little photo of the house on her digital camera. I couldn’t see much detail, as it was obscured by scaffolding, but it seems to be one of the nice, stucco houses with red tile roofing, a very typical house style of this city. I don’t care if it looks like a castle, or a dungeon. I’m finally going to have my own room. My goal is to move in July 1.

I’ve been saving some money from freelance projects I’ve been working on in hopes of having enough money to buy myself a bed and a dresser and some towels; all stuff I left behind in Boston when I moved out here. I’m looking forward to getting new stuff, it’s always fun to decorate a new room. It’s still 6 weeks away, but I know it will go fast.

My only concern is that I’m not making enough money yet to live on my own. It’s a big concern. About a month ago, I went permanent with Taylor, which is great, but they didn’t give me a raise. I know my job isn’t all that difficult, but I need to be getting paid more in order to stay here. I am up for review in July, but I don’t expect them to give me more than a dollar raise, which will still not really be enough money for me to live on comfortably.

However, if I have to, I can make it with what I have. Just barely. It’s not going to be fun, and it certainly won’t be a life standard that I’m used to, but I can probably eek by on the wage the Venetian is providing me if I must. The sad part is, I came out here with the idea that I would make more money, not way less, which is what happened. I’m praying that it’s only temporary and that I can find some way to make a bit more money. Just enough so that I don’t have to constantly worry about it. Is that too much to ask? That I can feel as though I’m coasting just a little, not having to watch every goddamn penny that I spend?

Not having enough money makes moving out seem really really scary. I’m just going to press forward, however. Because I have to believe that when I make an outward step in a new direction, some law must make circumstance bend to my need.

Although I am comfortable in my job here as a contract administrator assistant at the Venetian, and despite the fact that looking for jobs is a totally ominous task, I am now searching for more gainful employmment. I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago, and then a follow-up interview where I spent a day working for the company. I thought it all went pretty well, and so I am now waiting to hear back from them. If I get this job, it will most certainly pay at least 8K more a year, which would be so great. If I don’t get this one, however, I’ll continue to look until I do. Damnit, I just won’t give up on this until it finally happens for me.


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May 15, 2007 at 3:35 pm

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