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Compulsion Blowout?!?

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skittles-2, originally uploaded by jim ward.

I don’t normally copy and paste articles I find on the Internet, but I found one on through a Google search on how to kick your sugar (or any, I suppose) habit that is too weird/unusual to pass up:

Since I am giving up sugar for June, I have started thinking ahead of ways I can wean myself off so I don’t have to go completely cold turkey on June 1.

I found this page that talks about cutting out sugar, which gives tried and true methods of eating healthier and exercising more. But it included something at the bottom, which was really bizarre. Here it is:

If you still consider yourself a hopeless sugar addict: We’ve saved our most extreme measure for the end. This is a technique from NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) called “The Compulsion Blowout”. Be sure you want to get rid of your compulsion before you use this technique, as the results may be permanent. It’s done as follows. Find out how you picture the sweets that compel you and exactly what attracts you to them. Is it the size, nearness, color, or brightness of the image, or the imagined smell, taste or texture of the sweet? Now compare your image of the sweets with the image of something neutral or mildly distasteful, like lima beans. See how you picture the images differently. Now test what makes you feel attracted to the sweets by imagining increasing or decreasing it and seeing whether that makes the attraction more or less. Now picture the sweets in your minds eye. Very rapidly increase the quality that makes you crave the sweets until it becomes ridiculously intense. Repeat this rapidly over and over until you feel something pop or change. For example if you were attracted to chocolate kisses by imagining their delicious taste, you could rapidly increase that chocolatey flavor from a mild to overwhelmingly powerful in a matter of a few seconds. Quickly repeat the visualization several times. You will feel a change in yourself as you go over your threshold and the craving will be gone.

I happen to love Skittles, so that was my first test. I don’t know if it really worked or even if I’m doing it right, but I wasn’t really craving them a whole lot just now anyway, because I already had a few today. Anyway, try it and let me know if it worked for you.

Currently imagining: the a very intense taste of Skittles?


Written by pocheco

May 15, 2007 at 11:04 pm

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  1. So how did it work in the long term?

    My site is if you want to see how the Compulsion Blowout (the technique you described in the article you cut and pasted) is done.


    January 6, 2008 at 12:10 pm

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