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So, today is the 15th, and it marks the halfway point of my No Alcohol May. I want to report that abstaining from alcohol has, thankfully, been easily manageable. Actually, to be honest, I kind of like my life without alcohol.

Truthfully, I only like being drunk once in a while, and usually only on wine. The rest of the time I’m drunk, I just feel sloppy. Plus there’s the added benefit of not waking up hung over on Saturday morning when I need to be perky for the gym. Also, I feel less sluggish overall.

I have had a couple of temptations, the biggest being the night that Andrea and I went out for camping at Callville. I would have liked a beer there. To sit and drink a beer or two around the campfire is really nice.

When you don’t drink sometimes it seems as if you have a lot more time on your hands, because you’re not wasted in a time-consuming stupor. Not that I’m saying a time-consuming stupor is always bad; sometimes it’s exactly what I need.

Two weeks left, and most likely I’ll return to drinking, probably, but hopefully I’ll think twice next time I think about pouring myself a large glass of whiskey and soda to sit and watch TV on a week night. Or at least I hope I will. That’s really the point of these little abstinations, so that I can give myself a break from a pattern I find myself falling into, so that the pattern doesn’t become a habit and I can keep myself from eventually becoming dependant on alcohol, or whatever I happen to be abstaining from at the time.

During this period of teetotalism, I am trying hard not to cross-indulge, meaning eating more or sleeping more or whatever in place of drinking. I have been feeling pretty healthy since I gave up alcohol, too, I’m saving myself the carbs and sugar and calories. But I regret ever buying the rainbow cookie dough, because, it was so delicious, that I really couldn’t prevent myself from eating it.

There are only a few things that I cannot resist, and fresh-baked sugar cookies are probably at the top of that list. After the kids and I ate all the cookies we baked on Sunday, all I could think about yesterday was how I wanted another sugar cookie. So when I got home, Max helped me bake the rest. They were so good. I ate about 6 of them before dinner, and then immediately got sick to my stomach, of course. I didn’t throw up, but if I had, I’m sure it would have looked like something from the picture above.

Instead I fell asleep and slept for two hours, only to wake up around 9pm and eat a slice and a half of pizza. Ugh. I’m actually starting to feel gross when I don’t get the right nutrition. For so long, I could eat anything, just about, and feel alright. Now I actually have to eat balanced or I feel yicky. Which, probably, is for the best.

Currently listening to: The .38 Special song that won’t leave my head. Ack.


Written by pocheco

May 15, 2007 at 3:19 pm

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  1. For so long, I could eat anything, just about, and feel alright. Now I actually have to eat balanced or I feel yicky. Which, probably, is for the best.

    This is totally happening to me! And it fucking sucks, man. A while ago, I started trying to eat healthily, and I’ve been going really well at it. So now when I eat trash, my body responds really badly. But the whole *point* to eating well 90% of the time is to be able to eat like shit that 10% of the time and not feel guilty about it! Otherwise, why even bother, and don’t give me any ‘being healthy for its own sake’ crap.


    May 17, 2007 at 7:47 am

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