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A Mini-Guide through the Las Vegas Strip (from afar), and Other Mountainous Observations

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View of Las Vegas from Muffin Ridge in Red Rock
View of the Las Vegas Strip

I went on a hike with the Las Vegas Trailblazers last night Red Rock, to Muffin Ridge. Above is a photo I took while up there. You can see the hotel where I work from here. See the Wynn? It’s the black rectangle-ish hotel that angles up slightly to the left. It’s a bit left of center, towards the Stratosphere (tall thin one on the very left). Just to the right of the Wynn is the Palazzo, part of the Venetian, which is where I am sitting at this very moment, 30 feet underground. If you click on the photo, it will take you to my Flickr page. Click “All Sizes” and view the “Original” size for maximum detail.

Other landmarks you can see: The Luxor, which is almost on the very right, looks like a black pyramid. A little to the left of that, the hotel with the pointy roofs, is a replica of some of the builidings on the Manahattan skyline at New York New York. There are a few more hotels I could point out, but this picture is so far away it would be hard to recognize them.

View of Las Vegas from Muffin Ridge in Red Rock

Here is the same shot, zoomed out a bit to include some of the Sierra Nevadas.

View of Red Rock Canyon

The Strip is to the east, and this is the view to the north. That little cluster of buildings, isolated from the rest of the world, is the Red Rock Fire Station (I just learned that last night! I’ve been wondering what that little building is for a while now). Farther northeast, you can see the Red Rock Camping Grounds, which I have not tried yet (but need to!). Even farther northeast, in the mid-upper right hand corner of the photo, you can see the Las Vegas strip again. A little farther northwest, just barely visible against mountains is Old Vegas. It’s the Las Vegas of yesteryear, the Vegas of the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe and Elvis and Bugsy Segal. Again, if you click on the photo, you can view the All Sizes and Original Size in Flickr for the best detail.

Calico Hills at Red Rock Canyon

Back to the west is Red Rock Canyon, which has the Spring Mountain Range (part of the Sierra Nevadas). This is the park that I photograph a lot. I love going here. It’s only a 20 minute drive from my sister’s house. There is a 13 mile loop scenic drive that takes you through the park. You can see the Visitor Center. The bright red and yellowish hills in the foreground on are called the Calico Hills. On the far left, the point where the red and yellow meet, I have climbed this. I have taken my niece Mariah almost to the top, where there is a medium-size pond in the rock, which is called a tank. Fresh water collects there and feeds the animals that live in the park; which include but are not limited to, jack rabbits, bighorn sheep, quail, burros and mountain lions. This part is called Calico Tank. It’s a popular hiking spot, cause there’s a little bit of scrambling to do, but it’s easy enough that almost anyone can do it. This photograph is defintely worth viewing at original size, too.

Right above Calico Tank is Turtlehead, the majestic peak with the triangular shape. It can be seen from almost all over the city, it is gorgeous. I know some people who have hiked it, and I am hoping they will take me this summer or fall, perhaps when the heat is subsiding in September.

A great fire washed through the valley last July, if you look closely at the ground it is possible to tell where the fire did and did not go if you look for charred plant remains.

Beyond that is the more of the Sierra Nevadas, of course. If you look at the rock, you can see horizonal stripes that seems to cover several mountains at about the same height; this indicates where a waterline used to be at some point, millions of years ago, when Red Rock was completely underwater. Giant squids lived here.

Joshua Trees at Red Rock Canyon
A view from the ground at the base of Blue Diamond Hill. You can see some of the peaks in the Red Rock Scenic Loop, with the signature yucca of the Mojave Desert, the Joshua Tree, in the foreground.

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