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Hynes Convention T
The T Station at Hynes Convention Center, Boston

Well, this Month marks the 3 year anniversary that I left Oklahoma (for good?). I’ve crammed a lot of stuff into the last three years, and, since I’ve only had a blog for about two years, and a digital camera for just over one, I have some memories that I want to get down somewhere before they fade all blurry and watery in my mind. So this blog is dedicated to some of the more memorable things that have happened over the past three years.

May 2007 – Justin and I start our comic book, Andrea and I go camping at Callville Bay, Allison and I go camping at Kelso sand dunes at Mojave National Preserve. Quit drinking for the Month.

April 2007 – Mom comes to visit, we go to California. I see my first Cirque du Soleil show, Ka. Hired on full time with Taylor.

March 2007 – Join hiking group, Las Vegas Trailblazers and start going on adventures with them. Go on my first and highly anticipated camping trip of the year, to Echoes Bay. Go on my first date in years, also my last date (for years?)

February 2007 – For the first time in 6 months, I have a little money in the bank: relief. Working feverishly on freelance graphic design projects, time goes so fast I really can’t breathe. Enjoy the fact that spring starts this month in Las Vegas. Go see Second City at the Flamingo. 1/2 a year in Las Vegas.

January 2007 – New Year, and making some new friends. Getting to know Justin, Bobby, Sherrie, Lisa, Emily and Allison. Crazy Zappos party at Rain in the Palms, with open bar. Amazingly busy working on freelance projects. Score temp-perm job with Taylor at the Venetian. My last grandparent, Matilde Hobbie, dies at 93.

December 2006 – Spend Christmas with the Clarks, for the first time in three years. It’s nice to be with family on Christmas. Busy working on freelance projects. Work about 3 or 4 different temp jobs.

November 2006 – Working temp jobs, trying to pay bills. Go see Burn the Floor at the Luxor with Suzanne, Andrea and Faith. Buy pass to Red Rock Canyon National Park, starting a life long love affair with The Spring Mountains.

October 2006 – Turn 27, see the Bodies exhibit at Tropicana, and go on my first camping trip since entering Las Vegas, to Valley of Fire. Highly beautiful and majestic. Love at first site. Start my first temp job with All Star Vending, which lasts almost six weeks.

September 2006 – Amazing trip across the entire country, from Boston to Las Vegas, with stops in Pittsburgh, Champaign, Kansas City, Tulsa, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Durango, Grand Canyon and Colorado City. I visit the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and get to see a pletheura of friends and family; Maggie, Leah, my brother and some relatives from my Dad’s side, Logan, Ryan, Aisha, Jason, Jace, Ivy, Beth and her family. I do 90% of the trip alone, and love every second of it. The trip, especially across the Western half of the country, is phenomenal.

August 2006 – Las month in Boston. Trying to pack in as much fun stuff as possible. Trip to Maine for a long weekend with Christine, Hugo and Ariana. On the way back, stop for the afternoon in Portland, Maine with Ariana for lunch and tourism. Party in the Common to say goodbye to all my friends. Frenzied packing, and the magical accumulation of enough money to make my trip. Last weekend at Long Beach in Rockport, MA on Cape Ann. Beautiful, lovely times at the beach, including a scary float out to sea with Ashley in a big innertube. Sharks?

July 2006 – Tell my boss I’m leaving Kennard Design to move to Vegas. Trip to Providence with Brant and Bronwyn to see WaterFire. Trip to New Hampshire to go canoeing along the Merrimac river with Ariana, Hugo, Koz, Burky, Ashley. Fourth of July party on a rooftop deck in Kenmore Square-absolutely beautiful. Fourth of July weekend on the Beach in Mass (or Vermont?) with Burky, Ariana, Christine…and..? See Jason Lytle perform once again at The Paradise Rock Club, Allston, MA.

June 2006 – Go swimming in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, get poison Ivy, ugh. Maggie comes back to town, summer begins. Lots of time at the beach and riding bikes everywhere out side. Bike Club 2006! See My Morning Jacket perform with the Pops at Boston Symphony Hall. Give up sugar for this month.

May 2006 – Mom comes on a MUCH anticipated visit to Boston. Great to see her, but it rains the entire time she is there. We still have fun and I have a wonderful time playing tour guide. Drive to New York City to see Jason Lytle perform live at Other Music. Give Jason my drawing of Grandaddy, melt. Cinco de Mayo party with friends.

April 2006 – I believe this is the month we have the engagement party for Christine. We surprise her at Ariana’s grandmothers home in Church Park. Great time is had by all! This month Ariana and I really start going to the farmer’s market, Haymarket, all the time. I get a new digital camera and start photographing everything.

March 2006 – Andrea comes to vist. We spend a good old fashioned St. Patty’s day in the most Irish of Irish-American towns, Boston. Drink and be merry. We also drive to NYC to see a broadway show, The Jersey Boys, which was excellent. Danny leaves Boston. One last lovely weekend with him as we pick up his mom in Providence. Go to the zoo there and then spend an evening together watching Ween live on DVD and drinking wine and eating takeout. Bye Danny! Ariana, Beth and I get the Mormon boys to come to Book Club at Qing Ping. Go see Eagles of Death Metal with Natlie and Tad at The Paradise Rock Club.

February 2006 – Work for Japanese Mafia. Quit, with life intact. Go to Nashoba Valley to intertube down giant snow hills with Ariana, Ellen, and Justin. Ariana and I host like three parties. Insane, but fun. I throw Ariana a surprise party at China Pearl. It almost doesn’t happen, because of a major snow storm. But everyone makes it and we have a great time eating dim sum. I think the is genuinely surprised. We bust a pinata in the common aftewards, but lose all the candy in the snow.

January 2006 – Throw goodbye party for Angel, who leaves for Australia to go to grad school. Goodbye, I’ll miss you! Freeze your ass of BBQ at Hugo’s. I start hanging out more and more with Ashley, whom I love. TMC Youth Mural Painting Party!

December 2005 – Spend Christmas without family for the first time ever. Angel comes over to be with me and we go out for Chinese. Crispy Milk Cubes, Squirrel Fish and Champagne. Ariana is gone practically the entire month in Cameroon and the Congo. She returns before Christmas to give me an awesome mask before leaving again until right before new year’s. We have a good new years eve. We go out to dinner with friends at China Pearl and then she and I walk around town and end up at Cafe Vittoria in the North End eating cannolis. All of our friends end up ditching us, because it’s raining. We walk around the Common, looking at all the ice sculptures that are beginning to melt because it’s so warm out, and then end up at midnight at the harbor to watch the fireworks show.

November 2005 – I spend a very lovely Thanksgiving with Ariana’s family. We go to Concord, Mass for a church service. There is a light snow that day. Afterwards, we go over to the Colonial Inn for a most lovely family dinner, with much thanks to Ariana’s grandmother, who is very gracious. Ariana and I tour Concord, which is brimming with American history. We return that afternoon to Boston, and walk out to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir to feed the sea gulls bread. Very happy day. I start spinning class at the gym. Whips my ass into better shape. Ryan comes to visit from Tulsa. We spend a couple of days touring Boston together and drinking. It was great to see him. Mel also comes to visit for a week. We get to see her (after I haven’t seen her, for, oh, 5 years or so), and spend time with her and Natalie and Tad. We have a good weekend, eating out at Zaftigs, drinking wine and eating chocolate.

October 2005 – Ariana returns from Niger. We start living together in our new apartment. I am elated to have her back. Say goodbye to Sorin and Christine as they leave my apartment to move into their own. I turn 26, and I have a birthday party which is so loud that it angers the neighbors. Jasmin comes to visit me and Ariana in Boston. She and I go to a bar called the Liquor Store, where I ride a mechanical bull and nearly break my leg. It is great to see her again.

September 2005 – I finally get to move into my most beautiful of apartments. Friends Ifena, Hugo, Danny and Ashley are kind enough to help me move in. I spend the first night or two there alone, which are probably two of the best evenings I have spent that year. I am SO happy to be in my new place, it’s the nicest place I’ve ever lived. Two days later, Christine and Sorin move in with me. We have a good month together there (haha, for the most part) and I fall in love with Brighton/Brookline. Annabel moves back to England…goodbye!

August 2005 – Spend my weeknights cavorting around with Angel and Dale, drinking in the parks, laughing in my apartment and enjoying the summer. Spend every weekend with Maggie in Rockport. Take many train trips to and from there. Go to Briana and Craig’s wedding, where I get drunk at the open bar and run around all night with John O’Brien. He, Hugo, Alyssa and I host a big afterparty in our room, which almost gets us thrown out of our fancy schmancy hotel, Wentworth by the Sea.

July 2005 – My first month alone without Danny. Spend a lot of time crying and alone, and drinking. Ariana and Christine leave for the summer, so I am by myself a whole lot. Quit smoking. Due to my immense surplus of free time after losing my roommate (and his TV), I start researching Grandaddy music on the internet, during which time I fall deeply in love with the band. Start drawing again, it feels so great to be back. Start hanging out with Angel all the time. I spend time with next door neighbors Chris and Carolyn, who are very supportive in helping me get through the summer. We watch the last episode of Six Feet Under together, and cry.

June 2005 – Trip to Tulsa for family reunion. Get to see my parents, all my siblings, all their kids, and a few family members from both my mother and father’s side of the family. We have a wonderful time together. Also get to see a bunch of friends while I’m there, inlcuding Aisha, Jason, Jace, Ryan and Logan. Danny calls halfway through my trip out there and unexpectedly breaks up with me over the phone?!?

May 2005 – Cinco party with friends. Great ultimate frisbee tournament. Ariana and I get into huge fight. But we make up, and decide to move in together because Danny officially says he’s moving back to Oklahoma when our lease is up. Ariana and I score the most beautiful apartment I’ve ever seen. I am ecstactic to move into it. Danny and I are on the rocks a bit, but coming back as stronger friends, I am looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with him. Take an awesome trip to New York City with Ariana. Meet up with Nathanael to go to the Guggenheim and get a local’s tour of the City.

April 2005 – Try meade for the first time at Sunset Cantina, immediately love it. I open a MySpace account, and start blogging. Slowly at first, and then more and more, until you see what I have done here now.

March 2005 – Reading books for book club, working out at gym. Danny, Chris, Carolyn and I obsessed with Six Feet Under.

February 2005 – Danny and I spend Valentine’s day at Bhindi Bazaar and exchange gifts. Drive out to Maine. I go skiing for the first time at Sunday River with Maggie, Susannah, Gallic, Ariana, Annabel and Danny. Disaster for me, I’m a terrible skiier. But we all have fun. We spend the weekend in the snow, walking out over a frozen lake with Jill and her Jiant Dogs. Go to Fryeburg, where we go to the Musher’s Bowl to watch the dog sled races, and also to a snomobile race. See Queens of the Stone Age with Danny at The Roxy.

January 2005 – New Year’s Eve watching the parade. Wander around town with Ariana, Danny and Maggie, having a great time and filming crossdressers on the subway. Huge snow storm, I get a couple of days off from work. Danny falls deeper into depression. Meet Angel during a book club at Qing Ping, and we become friends. I join the gym with Ariana, and we start goin to boxing classes all the time.

December 2004 – Danny and I decide to have Christmas early, and rip into all of our presents like 10 days before Christmas, satisfying an urge that has been festering inside us since we were like, three. I fly out to Tulsa to see my family for Christmas. Spend it with Mom and Dad. I get to see friends and we have a great holiday. I get stuck in a huge snow storm on the way back, and end up spending a night in Memphis.

November 2004 – Danny and I on very rocky terms. Fighting a lot, but trying to make it work. His parents come to visit us for Thanksgiving, after swearing they would never come to Boston again. His mom cooks a huge dinner in our tiny apartment. I am amazed what she made come out of that tiny kitchen. Martha and Doyle are very sweet people, but having them there was stressful. I was so relieved to have my apartment back to ourselves. They drive Danny and I’s cars back to Oklahoma, so we’re both officially carless now. Not a big deal, though, because we barely use them anyway. Danny starts having some work friends come over to our apartment, so I get to meet them. Chris, Carolyn, Danny and I go to The Model in Allston on that fateful night where there is a huge bar brawl and someone almos gets killed. That’s the last time we go there for a very long time. Danny and I start playing Animal Crossing and Sims all the time on his Nintendo Game Cube. Book Club starts, I am very excited. We read Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner, and that book makes an imression on me which I dwell on several times over the next few years…We meet at Christopher’s in Cambridge to discuss.

October 2004 – I turn 25. Pretty uneventful birthay; Danny and I go out to dinner a couple of times, and he gives me some nice gifts. I buy myself an iPod, which is the best $300 I ever spent. Daniel and Carrie come to visit, Danny and I get into a huge drunken fight which turns physical. Bad, bad weekend. But we try to recover and enjoy that Daniel and Carrie are there. I finally get hired on full time with Kennard Design, and spend Halloween at Maggie’s house in Rockport. She wears a mouse mask and I wear an owl mask and we hand out candy to the little kids that come to the door. Seek Cake at The Orpheum with Danny.

September 2004 – I get really frustrated with my job at Kennard Design and think of quitting. Instead, I hold on. Danny and I finally get into our own apartment. Danny’s parents drive all his stuff out in their big mobile home, and Danny and I have a blast finding random furniture on the street and getting our apartment into order. It’s tiny, and a little crappy, and in a very collegy neighborhood, but it’s my first apartment, and I love it. Danny and I are elated to be living together. He is also very happy because work is a five minute walk away.

August 2004 – Danny and I spend this month finding an apartment and a job for him. We’re eating lots of hamburger helper and I’m trying to sell my car. We’re wondering where we’re going to get money to put for a payment on an apartment. I turn to my credit card, which I still regret,every month, to this day, haha.

July 2004 – Spend fourth of July with Hugo, Janine, Dan Carr, and Annabel. at the Charles River. Best fireworks display I’ve ever seen. Danny arrives in Boston. We are so happy to be together. He, Hugo and I spend a fun month together, going to the beach, lounging in the sun, drinking together.

June 2004 – I am feverishly looking for a job. Around the middle of June,I land my job with Kennard Design, and begin it on the 24th. A few days before I start my job, Danny calls me to tell me he hates Portland, and asks if he can come live with me in Boston. I laugh, and say ok, cause I miss him and cause I need a roommate. I start my job, and wonder if I’m in over my head? I spend a fun month hanging out with Hugo, going to the beach at Cape Ann, and having great Tropico wars.
My dear Grandma Nichols dies, I am filled with sadness.

May 2004 – I quit my job at Quik Print, quit my job at MiMi’s and say goodbye to Mom and Dad to move to Boston. I have no job, and only a little money. Let the adventure begin! Originally, I was going to be moving there with Danny, but the last week before we go, he calls me at work to tell me he wants to move to Portland instead, because he has a friend there who’s in a band and who hangs out with Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse (a band Danny hated until _I_ got him into it). I say OK, and we amicably and sentimetally part ways. I drive across the eastern half of the US, obsessively listening to Grandaddy’s Under The Western Freeway, The Mollusk, by Ween, and Good News for People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse. I love travelling alone. I make my first stop in Elsah, IL to stay with Carol Stukey at Principia. I get to see the campus for the first time in a couple of years, it’s nice to be back there again, it feels like home, but not home. I spend a few days in Columbus Ohio, wht Jasmin. We have a fun, but also kind of rocky time. I spend a night with Gina and her husband, Lowell, in East Stroudsberg, PA. I make it to Boston on May 25, which, as I’m writing this, is TODAY, three years ago, wow! Hugo and I have a great reunion, drinking vodka on the porch until late at night and eating candy Mexican hats.

What I have packed into the last three years seems unreal tome. I suppose I could go on for a while longer…but that’s enough writing for now!

Currently listening to Under the Western Freeway by Grandaddy

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