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Drinking Water

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It’s a little funny to admit, but sometimes I’ll do anything to avoid drinking water. Water is a given, something you always have lying around your house, like white rice or apples. But even more accessible than those. It’s such a common staple that it becomes uninteresting and unappealing to me most times. I get to assuming it will always be around, and endless supply of it streaming from your toilet or showerhead or faucet. And I take it for granted.

And I underestimate the power that it has on my body as well. Living in the desert, you’d be surprised, but you do get thirstier easier. You have to drink more liquid because the absolute lack of humidity in the air leeches moisture from your body at a surprisingly fast rate. If I don’t drink enough liquids, I will wake up the next morning with the feeling of something like a hangover, only even a little scarier. I have never been truly dehydrated, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about anyway.

When I sit around my house, relaxing, and then I think: man, I would love something to drink, my first choice is rarely water, especially if I already feel cool and relaxed. Well, water is preferable when I’m out of breath and hot from exercising or being out in the heat, but for most normal times, if there’s juice or Coke or even milk around, my instinct is to forego the water and choose something with a little more interesting flavor.

The truth is, water is boring. It has no flavor (or, perhaps, Water IS a flavor?). Or worse, if it’s not properly clean, it has a bad aftertaste. What’s the point in drinking something that has no flavor or is mildly gross when you can have something that tastes delicious?

Also, I remember growing up and asking my mother for treats like ice cream or chips for snacks before bedtime, and instead of letting me eat late at night, she would always say “Why don’t you drink a big glass of ice water? That will quench your hunger.” #1, I didn’t believe her, and #2,I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less than drink a big glass of ice water to curb my cravings on sugar/salt/carbs. So unappealing.

This has been my opinion on water most of my life. Sure, I will drink it, with dinner or during the day or at the gym, but it’s never been my best friend. At the root of this, I have come to the conclusion that my relationship with food and liquids is one of how I percieve them as a like/dislike, rather than as a benefit/detriment.

I typically take the opinion that food is to sustain/quench/entertain, rather than sustain/nourish/energize. And I know that’s wrong, but it’s so hard to change. What I really need to do is visualize my body as a separate entity from my mind, one that I must take care of with proper nutrition and water so that it can do the best job of supporting and hosting my mind.

I need to switch my mindset from always attempting to placate my desire for sugar and salt and other things I don’t need, and instead focus on what kinds of things to eat that will make me the most healthy. It’s a simple thing to say…but.

I mean, of course a big part of bad eating habits is emotional eating, or eating when I’m bored or eating just because it’s there. Part of that is going to go away when I start buying my own groceries, but until then, I thik I’m going to try an experiment:

You know how he nutritionists always recommend 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day? And how no one really makes a point to do that every day? Well, I am going to try it. For one month. Just to see what happens to me. Maybe I’ll end up loving the effect it has on me, maybe I won’t even be able to tell.

So, in addition to giving up sugar for June, I’m just going to piggy back on this project the goal of drinking nothing but water, and drinking a minimum of 8 8oz glasses of it a day. It’s an experiment to see if my body loves it, or if it makes no difference. Because I’ve never given water the chance to prove it’s benefits to me over a long period of time. I keep hearing it’s good to drink nothing but water, but now I want to see.

I don’t plan to do it for ever, of course. I’m just going to drink only water for one month. You can do anything for a month. What will I miss most? Pop and coffee, for sure. And, yes, this means that I’ll be giving up alcohol for a second month in a row. But thirty days goes by fast, and then I can go back to drinking other stuff once again, with hopefully a new respect for water.

Written by pocheco

May 29, 2007 at 3:44 pm

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