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ball room

You know in all those Jane Austin/Bronte sister novels, how there were always these big parties where the girls would get dressed up in these giant gowns and frilly corsets and then parade down an elegant staircase into an enormous ballroom while everyone turned to watch? Oh, they’d prance around and bow to people and act all proper and polished. It was the kind of event that seventeen year-old high society girls participated in so they could officially present themselves to the community as women. It was a public display of their bodies and their charm; an overt announcement that they were officially ready to start being pursued for marriage.

God, I hate the formality, pompousness and horribly tedious social graces of the Romantic era, although sometimes I can’t help but feeling, that at age 27, I’m still hiding in a little room near the top of a grand staircase, breathing into a paper bag in order to get my nerve up to put down that bag, to open the door of the little room, and to walk down that staircase.

However, it isn’t that there are men waiting to greet me as I descend into the ballroom. Instead, what’s waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase is my life.

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Written by pocheco

May 31, 2007 at 4:12 pm

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