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So, I’d been away from my email for a few days,and when I went to check it about 11 pm on Thursday night,there was an email from a guy who had read the blog I wrote a few days ago about how I couldn’t get a design job here in Vegas (click here to read it).

He was the new Interactive Director at one of the marketing firms I had interviewed with and then had posted in the blog, Greenbaum Marketing Communications. He basically said that he had been researching PIE Design and Marketing, found my post about that company,and then saw that I had also written about his company. Then told me they needed a new designer and asked me if I would consider coming in for an interview the next day.

I had been staying at Andrea’s house all week, but had slyly packed a set of nice clothes and my portfolio…just in case. So, on Friday, I got out of my job at Taylor an hour early, and went over to Greenbaum for an interview, and..30 minutes later, I had a job. Good hours, good money, and great people! It was probably the largest sigh of relief I have ever sighed.

Wow, I knew this blog was good for something!

I start in two weeks…

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Written by pocheco

June 2, 2007 at 9:01 pm

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