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Coffee. I love you., originally uploaded by shookiemookie.

I saw this beautiful display of coffee at Whole Foods this weekend. I haven’t had coffee since Thursday. Probably the longest I’ve gone without coffee in over a decade.

I felt fine last night, but this morning I feel thick and sluggish. I’m drinking the water, but I am feeling icky. Is this my body readjusting? Did caffeine really have this big of a hold on me?

Or is it something else, I wonder.

Also, drinking this much water is odd. I don’t normally drink more than a glass a day, if that much. I’m craving salt. I just ate some chips, but they were disgusting. I want matzo ball soup.

Must stop at grocery store on way home to get some.

Written by pocheco

June 4, 2007 at 9:18 pm

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